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the ettore window cleaning kit with case. the industries most complete kit of window cleaning supplies!

read-on and learn how you can claim $103.00 worth of window cleaning instructional videos, ebook, and window cleaning soap -- absolutely free!


andy engstromi'm andy engstrom.

helping you get your window glass to sparkle is my #1 goal at this website.

i've been a professional window cleaner since 1995 and i'd like to share with you many of the window cleaning techniques i've used to make my customers glass shine...

...windows so clean you can eat off of them!


<<< stop the madness!

here are actual pictures of window glass that clearly shows the difference between:

  • the "spray-on, hand wipe, ammonia method" many home and business owners are 'still' using. and the...



<<< streak free results you'll learn with my * free * ebook and videos.

  • look at that glass shine -- imagine this kind of glass clarity at your home or for your customers! this is the quality result i'm going to help you achieve using the tools contained in the ettore window cleaning kit.

you'll learn how to clean windows 10 times faster using your ettore tools and my techniques than applying the traditional "newspaper and spray-on chemicals method".

i'm extremely pleased to offer, this quality window cleaning tools and techniques package. before i show you all the free bonus material, here's what's in your ettore window cleaning kit.

your ettore window cleaning kit with case contains:

super system handle & quick release handle, (left), are the 2 squeegee handles included in your window cleaning kit.

both handles feature clips that allow you to easily insert channels, (right), of different lengths.

insert the channel that best fits the window you are cleaning. your kit comes with 4 stainless steel channels in the following sizes: 10", 12", 14" and 18".

each channel comes with a squeegee rubber already in place and ready to use.

in addition, your channels come with and extra 3 replacement rubbers in the following lengths: 10", 12", 14" and 18". you'll want to replace your squeegee's rubber when worn from use.

tip: each channel's rubber can be used until worn-out on both sides; when you need to replace, just turn the rubber over and reinsert into channel. when both sides of rubber are worn, replace with one of the 3 remaining rubbers of equal size.

if you are a home owner, for instance, that wants to clean windows on your medium sized house 2 times a year; your replacement rubbers will last several years before you need to order new replacements!

the 14" golden glove washer is the tool you'll apply your window cleaning solution to glass surfaces to loosen dirt and other grime.

simply soak the applicator in solution and scrub your window glass.

it's important to scrub well; your squeegees are not designed to clean glass - they are designed to remove dirty soap water and dry glass surface. your washer is the tool designed to remove debris.

tip: when cleaning glass inside, you may want to apply less cleaning solution. this will help prevent soapy water from damaging, household or office furniture i.e.. items you'd prefer not to get wet. simply wring-out excess solution from washer before scrubbing window.

the scrapemaster scraper comes with 10 replacement blades.

this glass scraper, as in all the tools contained in this kit, is professional quality and is "specifically designed" for use on window glass.

this tool will help you remove paint, stickers and other materials from glass that your golden glove washer can't.

the 8' rea-c-h telescopic pole will allow you to scrub, squeegee and scrap glass that is out-of-reach.

the pole's working length is from 4' - 8'. your squeegees, washer, and scraper are all designed to attach to poles contoured top.

tip: use your pole with washer to scrub large ground floor exterior glass. although, this isn't necessary, this technique will help reduce the time in takes to scrub a window - without having to bend over. - great technique for sliding glass doors as well!

your kit comes contained in a sturdy, nylon reinforced carrying case. this carrying case is perfect to store your tools - damage free - and, will simplify your efforts when you need to transport your kit to different locations.

now that you know what tools are in your ettore window cleaning kit, here's my...


$103 of free super bonuses that are guaranteed to have you cleaning windows -- better than most pros!

super bonus #1

"window cleaning secrets exposed" ebook and video package! - ($97 value)

window cleaning secrets exposed ebook and videos package!


never let your customers down again! finally... a comprehensive ebook / video training package for new window cleaners!

window cleaning secrets exposed is a comprehensive window cleaning techniques ebook / video pack that covers everything from basic and advanced window cleaning skills to how to remove stickers, paint and decals from glass, from professional glass restoration techniques including removing hard water stains, glass oxidization, cleaning cloudy glass, to sealing glass for your customers.

... a $97 value - (your's free!)



super bonus #2

16oz bottle of "ettore squeegee off" window cleaning soap - ($6 value)

copyright volitar industries"super concentrate" squeegee off, ettore's professional window cleaning soap.

this 16oz. bottle makes 16 gallons of window cleaning solution!

user and earth friendly ingredients:biodegradable, no harsh chemicals, makes squeegee rubber glide smoothly across window glass surfaces.


here's what 'real people' -just like you- have to say about my window cleaning videos...

>>> "the super swirl videos have doubled my speed & doubled my fun!" - ivan sims

>>> "the super swirl technique is a real time saver and there is nothing better than seeing it in action with andy's video demonstration!" - chris cochran squeegee-clean

>>> "the super swirl video is outstanding and is a great asset to my business. who would have thought washing windows would be this easy!" - kevin lowe

>>> "...a practical / effective way to clean glass fast with minimum motion." - ted tracewicz

>>> "great videos! they made pros out of my staff." - tim conroy conroy cleaning services, inc.

>>> "i downloaded your super swirl video about 2 weeks ago. i have since doubled what i can do in a day. no more vertical or horizontal strokes or buffing off glass... it's brilliant!" - brendan, ireland

the ettore window cleaning kit w/case comes with my...


no questions asked - money back guarantee

if you are not completely satisfied for any reason or just can't get the hang of using these tools, send back the unused portion within 30 days from the date of your purchase and i'll return your money on the tools returned. no questions asked -- the risk is entirely mine.

i want to make sure you are happy with your order, so go ahead and claim your window cleaning tool kit and free bonuses.


receive ups ground shipping

i want you to know...

...my business reputation is on-the-line every time window cleaning tools are ordered. freewindowcleaningtips.com is the "#1 window cleaning website in the world" so, you can rest assured i want to protect my great reputation by providing your kit a...

...timely delivery.

from the time it takes you to place your order, i'll ship your order ups ground service and deliver your kit and soap within 4 - 8 business days within the contiguous united states.

or for world wide shipments, your kit will arrive within 3 weeks via usps global mail. that's pretty fast...


here's the best news of all!

claim your kit now and i'll give you these 2 bonus's absolutely free!

  1. "window cleaning secrets exposed" ebook/videos - ($97 value) - free!
  2. a free bottle of ettore window cleaning soap - ($6 value) - free!

that's $103.00 worth of free window cleaning instructional videos, ebook, and window cleaning soap! claim your ettore window cleaning kit now, and the bonus material is yours at no additional cost.


hi andy. my name is daniel quick. i live and work in edmond, oklahoma and recently downloaded the "window cleaning secrets exposed" ebook and videos. i must say i'm very impressed.

i drive a school bus, coupled with the weather here in oklahoma, things get a tad bit dirty, including my windows. all totaled, when i clean every window in my bus, that's 200 panes of glass, every day, sometimes twice a day. your technique has sped my cleaning process up and now i have drivers asking me to clean their windows too!

thanks again, and i recommend your videos to everyone.

best regards,

daniel quick
deer creek public schools
edmond, oklahoma


here's how you're going to instantly receive your "window cleaning secrets exposed" ebook and videos portion of this window cleaning package...

your "window cleaning secrets exposed" ebook and videos are available to download immediately after you've completed your order.

just click log on to your email, and you'll have complete downloading instructions available within 5 minutes of placing your order!

you can literally be downloading your bonuses within 5 minutes from now!


$50 off suggested retail!

still not sure? remember this... ettore's suggested list price for this window cleaning kit is $247. i'm taking $50 off the retail price for the next 72 hours.

these are top quality tools -- the only window cleaning tools good enough to be offered at this site!


there are cheaper kits available on the market but...

...do you want to risk producing poor window cleaning results with inferior products?

...do you want inferior tools that will easily break like the ones made with plastic components?

...do you want tools with fixed, non interchangeable parts -- or parts that require a screw driver and crescent wrench to put together?

...do you want a kit that will leave you needing a tool that is missing?

the ettore window cleaning tools contained within this kit are of the highest quality.

these are professional grade tools that are constructed of materials designed to last.

this is absolutely the most complete system available on the market today.

all of the handles and squeegee channels are made of stainless steel and will not rust, fall apart or break like many of the other tools available made with plastic parts.

plus, i'm throwing in the training you'll need to achieve the best window cleaning results... professional insider tips and tricks that will guide you step by step to achieve streak free, picture perfect windows...

... even if you've never cleaned windows before! you'll receive instant downloading instructions for the "window cleaning secrets exposed" ebook and videos package.

these are free with your order!

don't forget... you are also receiving a bottle of ettore's squeegee off window cleaning liquid -- it makes 16 gallons of solution -- it's free with your order!

and, i'll deliver your ettore window cleaning kit with case and ettore's squeegee off window cleaning liquid via ups ground within 4 - 8 days! (3 weeks for international orders)

to take advantage of this incredible offer, you must order within the next 72 hours...

save $50 on the kit + get $103 in instruction and soap (free)!

all for only $197!

window cleaning secrets exposed plus free soap

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remember you'll receive the ettore window cleaning kit w/ case (+) the "window cleaning secrets exposed" ebook and video package (+) a 16 ounce bottle of ettore's "squeegee off" professional window cleaning soap!

enjoy your clean windows,

andrew engstrom (owner)

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if you have any questions, please call me at 1.907.209.8499 (9am-5pm alaska standard time)

p.s. having the proper equipment is essential to the success of any job. with the ettore window cleaning kit w/case you'll be unstoppable in your glass cleaning pursuits!

save $153 now! i'm not only reducing the kits cost but, i'm giving away all the window cleaning instruction you'll need to make your glass, or your customers glass... sparkle. i'm giving you my 16 years of experience as a professional window cleaner for free! and...

p.p.s. your window cleaning videos and ebook are available to download instantly after purchase confirmation. just check your email and follow the downloading instructions... it's that easy!

p.p.p.s. the risk is all mine! you are covered by my 30 day money back guarantee. and, order right now and receive the "window cleaning secrets exposed" ebook and video package,and a 16oz. bottle of ettore window cleaning soap with your order! (that's $103 worth of goodies for free).

claim your kit now and i'll ship your quality ettore window cleaning tools via ups within the continental united states! i also ship kits world wide via usps global so...

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