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get an ettore window cleaning tool kit w/ case and i'll give you a window cleaning videos / ebook training package - free! click here

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window cleaner's tool belt. become osha compliant, and free your hands to move ladders and equipment with a window cleaners tool belt.

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start a window cleaning business... or advance into new markets?
window cleaning business beginners

want to start a window cleaning business but have no idea of how to start?

discover how easy it is to start a window cleaning business, attract customers, and start earning income -- even if you've never cleaned a window!

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are you a seasoned window cleaner looking for advanced window cleaning markets?

if the answer is yes, you won't want to miss out on these advanced window cleaning marketing strategies, job pricing, and manlift operator skills!

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free window cleaning tips newsletter -- by andy engstrom
author andy engstrom - free window cleaning tips newsletter
learn how to rig high rise pressure washing work

this article is designed to give you "insights" into how i rigged and performed this work so, you can attract high rise pressure washing jobs into your window cleaning business!... read more
diy window cleaning instruction
super swirl squeegee, window cleaning videos
learn how to clean windows
learn how to clean windows through step-by-step, slow motion video. discover the latest professional window cleaning techniques and reduce the time it takes to clean your windows by 10 times!... read more
window cleaning and glass restoration techniques for pros

how to clean windows ebook and video training system

never let your customers down again! finally... a comprehensive ebook / video training package for new window cleaners!

window cleaning secrets exposed is a comprehensive window cleaning techniques ebook / video pack that covers everything from basic and advanced window cleaning skills to how to remove stickers, paint and decals from glass, from professional glass restoration techniques including removing hard water stains, glass oxidization, cleaning cloudy glass, to sealing glass for your customers.

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advanced training: learn high rise window cleaning

high rise window cleaning - extreme window cleaning

at last! - take your window cleaning business to the top and learn high rise window cleaning with "extreme window cleaning"...

... the world's first and only downloadable high rise window cleaning instructional (video / training) system!

"extreme window cleaning" is an 8 video chapter training system that provides step-by-step instruction on osha approved methods using rds rope descent systems.

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brady brewer was tired of working hard to pad his employers bank account... so he took my advice and started his own window cleaning business.

here's what he had to say:

"andy, your "quick start guide to window cleaning profits" showed me how to win customers and separate my business from the competition in a straight and consistent tone that lead to quick and fearless sales!"

- brady brewer (owner)
squeaky, the sound of clean

learn how to be like brady


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