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...i added $10,000 to $15,000 to my
yearly profits using the "super swirl" !!!

"super swirl" window cleaning video!


dear friend,

since it's release in may of 2004, this video has been downloaded over 1,000 times! the video demonstrates and teaches the super swirl squeegeeing method on large plate store front glass.

the super swirl squeegeeing method is also called "fanning" or the "s" method by other window cleaning professionals because your squeegee makes an "s" shape or multiple upside down "u" shapes as it makes its way down the surface of the glass.

the faster you can clean windows, the more money you'll have at the end of each day! my first couple of years washing windows, back in 1995, i used only down strokes or side strokes to squeegee glass. i was o.k. with the money i was making but, after i learned the super swirl method, i couldn't believe how much more work i could get done, how much better the glass cleaned, and how much more money i was making...

...i literally added $10,000 to $15,000 to my yearly profits using the "super swirl" method!!!

sure, i tried to learn the super swirl by watching other professionals in my area but, i can honestly tell you that they were not excited to show me! and, why should they, they had a...


=== testimonials ===

"the super swirl video has doubled my speed & doubled my fun!" - ivan sims

"awesome! that is exactly what i needed!
- craig christy

"the super swirl technique is a real time saver and there is nothing better than seeing it in action with andy's video demonstration!!" - chris cochran squeegee-clean

"the super swirl video is outstanding and is a great asset to my business. who would have thought washing windows would be this easy!" - kevin lowe


...competitive advantage over my business. so, i ended up buying a 45-50 minute video from one of the window cleaning supply companies. what i got for my $47.00 + shipping & handling was the super swirl method along with a lot of information i already knew. who wants to pay a bunch of money, when 90% of the information is useless? the great thing about video is, (the rewind button). this video is 2 minutes in duration, not 45 min., and it has...


...the same critical information the longer, expensive window cleaning videos on the market - the swirl! rewind as much as you need to understand and adapt the super swirl method into your technique. utilize this technique to increase your speed to make you more money.

did i mention the super swirl window cleaning method leaves your customers windows cleaner? how? by allowing you to...


...squeegee a window "from start to finish in 1 complete stroke" without ever leaving the glass. every time you start a new squeegee stroke across or down a pane of glass, you leave a little smudge at the squeegee's starting point, and, that's what you are trying to avoid - not to mention, it takes time to dry towel or sponge your squeegee rubber between strokes. which, incidentally, wears out the rubber faster costing you more in replacement squeegee rubber. i'm going to show you how to avoid that costly, slow technique and get onto making your customers smile.


learn how to:

squeegee glass in 1 fluid motion
relieve stress on your wrists and arms
increase your speed and profitability


the exact place to start the swirl
how to correct mistakes without starting over
and... the all important "closing turn"


there comes a point in every window cleaners career, the need to be the best they can be at their trade. the super swirl method has been the window cleaning standard since the invent of the squeegee a few decades ago. this technique is a must for professional window cleaners but, easy enough to learn for home and business owners as well.

if you haven't learned the swirl squeegee method and are ready to learn how easy it is to adapt this technique into your window cleaning style, i'm ready to teach you! my video shows you the right information with none of the fluff, at a ridiculously low price.

at $19.97 (us funds), this is the absolute best price, the best deal you'll find anywhere! value: you'll learn all the right moves at a fraction of the price of any other swirl video on the market! adapt this techniques into your cleaning method and this video will pay for itself in literally minutes! increase your hourly income dramatically! the same jobs i used to make $35+ an hour at, i now easily maintain no less than $70+ an hour - all due to adding the super swirl squeegee method into my technique some nine or ten years ago.

i'm 100% serious when i claim i added ten to fifteen thousand dollars to my annual income. your results may be even better. give it a swirl... this price won't last long! so... get your super swirl window cleaning video now, increase your speed and start making more money!!!


=== testimonials ===

"i downloaded your super swirl video... and let me say it was well worth the little price tag, you should really raise your price." - tim woessner

"...a practical / effective way to clean glass fast with minimum motion ...reasonably priced." - ted tracewicz

"great videos! they made pros out of my staff." - tim conroy conroy cleaning services, inc.

"i downloaded your super swirl video about 2 weeks ago. i have since doubled what i can do in a day. no more vertical or horizontal strokes or buffing off glass... it's brilliant!" - brendan ireland

by ordering right now, i'm offering a second video ----- free!

with my brand new video, "super swirl applications", i break down the swirl on a variety of different glass shapes and sizes. slow motion camera, accurately dissects the swirl squeegee technique on:

  • 1/2 moon shaped glass
  • tall rectangular glass via ladder
  • small horizontal glass using the "fanning" technique

learn professional window cleaner's insider tips on how to use the fanning technique to close out the swirl and when and where to use the "x" squeegee technique. these techniques are so specialized, most professional window cleaners don't even know about them. this video supplies you with the knowledge that will make your window cleaning chore or business more enjoyable and profitable.

hold on!!! i'm adding a 3rd bonus video: 1 stroke oval window squeegeeing!!!

again, if you ordering right now.... it's absolutely free! learn the 4 basic steps to cleaning oval glass in 1 fluid motion with 1, easy to download video. i earned in the neighborhood of 1/2 million dollars as a professional window cleaner before i perfected my 1 stroke oval window squeegeeing technique. now, it's yours for free with your order...


the "super swirl" method is faster, leaves glass cleaner, and...
...adds more money to your bank account.

the super swirl video (20megs), super swirl applications video (48.1megs) and 1 stroke oval window squeegeeing (14megs) are an excellent value at $19.97 usfunds. © 2004 & 2005 volitar industries. downloads in just seconds after order confirmation! plays in all media players i.e...windows media, real player, quick time.
  "super swirl" window cleaning video!

use your credit card by clicking the "buy now" button (above) for fast video download. or... use the "order by mail form" by clicking here. for the best deal, save yourself $10 (s&h) by using the secure server with your credit card. your credit card and personal information is protected via an encryption process. order now... before the sale ends.


andrew engstrom - andrew engstrom
11 year industry pro
member: (iwca & iwcci)
owner: freewindowcleaningtips.com

ps download 3 outstanding window cleaning videos for 1 super low price!!!