important: learn how to start a window cleaning business! read the following web page carefully, to uncover all of my tips on starting a window cleaning business, and discover the exact success strategies 1,000's of others, just like you, have used to start their own window cleaning businesses fast!

quick start guide to window cleaning profits

if you could earn an extra $2,100.00 each month
with only 7.5 hours of work per week
(that's $70 per hour)...

... would you?

this is the kind of income you can make without quitting your day job... you can easily add these earnings to your regular income by simply cleaning windows each saturday.

it doesn't matter whether you want to earn a little extra cash to help cover your bills or you want to go for the 'big time' in business, window cleaning provides a cheap and affordable opportunity for you to succeed at all levels.

everyday i'm helping people just like you succeed in the window cleaning business, one person at a time. but, don't take my word for it. here's what a few of my students that have followed my system have to say...

dave earned $73.60 per hour his first day!

"hello andy, i did my first window cleaning job yesterday. it took me two hours, 30 minutes. i followed up with the customer this morning and she was very happy. she is going to give me a great reference and schedule all of the windows for cleaning every 3 months.

i made $73.60 per hour! that is incredible on my first job! thank you!"

- david krehbiel

don increased his sales by 30%, even in this economy

andy, the training videos and tutorials are packed with the best window business information i’ve ever seen.

i look more professional with the e-business card and sales have increased by 30%, even in this economy, no bs. by incorporating the videos in our employee training, our performance levels have increased and allows me to focus more on the business and sales.

i recommend your window cleaning business kit to everyone, “start up or veteran”, that’s looking to excel in this business. i found it to be the best kit on the market that continues to paid for itself many times over.

i want to thank you for your dedicated support, wisdom and let you know it is everything i expected it to be.

talk too you soon,

allshine llc
don bleckman
owner - general manager

now brian can train his employees effectively...


i've been in the window cleaning business for only a year now and it has been really profitable for me. the products and tips i got from you are without a doubt the most advanced in the industry.  i am now able to train effectively and see instant results from my employees. 

thank you so much!

- brian greene

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just like me, these people started out with little more than an intense desire to make their lives better.

how much will your income grow?... it all depends on how much time you have to commit.

imagine if you could invest 8 hours per week... just 24 hours per month building your new window cleaning business...

... imagine what an extra $2,100 a month would do to help you pay the bills.

... imagine what you could do with a part time monthly income of $11,580. that's where i'm at right now.

you might be thinking...

andy, what's the catch?

and you are right. there is a catch.

professional window cleaning isn't a 'get rich over-night scheme'. there is no such thing as a 'turn-key' window cleaning system. you're going to have to commit the time necessary to achieving the level of success you desire.

i can not provide you with the desire to succeed.

but, what i can provide is...

a proven business building system you can use to streamline your efforts with systematic, step-by-step instruction.

this is what i'll be sending you for $67.

quick start guide to window cleaning profits

it's everything you need to get started building a real window cleaning business ...

... with real money making potential!

if you've ever dreamed of becoming your own boss, setting your own schedule, and 'living-the-lifestyle' you've always wanted but never had the time or money to afford it ...

... it's time to start a window cleaning business!

and, i'm here to help you - every step of the way.

are you ready to claim your "quick start guide to window cleaning profits" for just $67?

"take 100 days to try out every aspect of your "quick start guide to window cleaning profits" and if you haven't made 100 times your $67 investment, simply email or call me for a 100% complete refund."

to show you how my system will work for you, i've broken it down into easy step-by-step instruction.

step #1:

the first thing you are going to need to know is what are the best window cleaning tools to start your business and how to use those tools to achieve professional results.

you'll receive a comprehensive set of 25 window cleaning video lessons

window cleaning video window cleaning video window cleaning video window cleaning video window cleaning video
window cleaning video window cleaning video window cleaning video window cleaning video window cleaning marketing video
screen cleaning video remove window screens window cleaning video window cleaning video ladder safety video
window cleaning video window cleaning video roof pressure washing video window cleaning video window cleaning marketing video
remove fake french panes video squeegee rubber repair video glass sealing video ladder safety video glass restoration video
  1. the 2 stroke window cleaning method
  2. window wetting and scrubbing
  3. the super swirl squeegee method
  4. super swirl applications
  5. window cleaning from ladder
  6. cleaning 1/2 moon shaped glass
  7. 1 stroke oval window cleaning method
  8. the "x" window cleaning method
  9. cleaning window screens
  10. how to remove window screens
  11. sunroom window cleaning #1
  12. sunroom window cleaning #2
  13. cleaning curved glass
  14. using extension poles #1
  15. using extension poles #2
  16. using extension poles #3
  17. how to remove fake french panes
  18. squeegee rubber repair
  19. ladder setup and movement
  20. ladder setup on stairs
  21. glass restoration
  22. glass sealing
  23. roof pressure washing
  24. how to create successful block discounts
  25. how to make money your first day

you'll learn... (on several video lessons) how to use professional squeegee techniques from the basic, "2 stroke squeegee method" all the way to the advanced, "super swirl, oval, and "x" squeegee methods".

you'll learn how to minimize effort and maximize efficiency when scrubbing dirt and debris from glass..

some of the my techniques are so advanced and efficient, most professional window cleaners don't even know about them!... the 1 stroke oval window squeegee technique. this technique took me 8 years to invent -- you get to skip the 'learning curve' and get this insider secret straight from the source.

i want you to go earn your first $300 feeling totally confident in your abilities and skills as a pro! that's why i packed this business kit full of the video lessons you need to succeed.

i've converted all videos to high definition 'flash video' formats so you can access these crucial lessons *instantly* with the click of your computer's mouse...

here's what people have to say about the window cleaning techniques videos within your kit

"the super swirl videos have doubled my speed & doubled my fun!" - ivan sims


"the super swirl technique is a real time saver and there is nothing better than seeing it in action with andy's video demonstration!!" - chris cochran squeegee-clean


"the super swirl videos are outstanding and are a great asset to my business. who would have thought washing windows would be this easy!" - kevin lowe


"...a practical / effective way to clean glass fast with minimum motion" - ted tracewicz


"great videos! they made pros out of my staff." - tim conroy conroy cleaning services, inc.


"i downloaded your super swirl videos about 2 weeks ago. i have since doubled what i can do in a day. no more vertical or horizontal strokes or buffing off glass... it's brilliant!" - brendan, ireland


... i've purchased my competitors packages, and i can tell you, without a doubt, that this set of video lessons is the absolute most comprehensive training package available.

what you've read so far is just a small sample of the information contained within your "quick start guide to window cleaning profits".

this business kit has already helped over a thousand new window cleaners create a "windows cleaning lifestyle". remember, it's all about lifestyle... it's all about having the time and money to do the things you've always wanted.

are you ready to claim your "quick start guide to window cleaning profits" for just $67?

"take 100 days to try out every aspect of your "quick start guide to window cleaning profits" and if you haven't made 100 times your $67 investment, simply email or call me for a 100% complete refund."

step #2:

the second thing you are going to need are marketing tools you can use to start creating sales immediately!

so, when i created this set of window cleaning flyers, door hangers and web site template, i wanted to ensure they would give you:

a professional image

ensure customer confidence

create visibility with high impact graphics

enable you to customize them to suit your needs

you'll receive a complete set of '8 marketing tools'

window cleaning marketing tools

  • (1) window cleaning business card
  • (2) residential door hanger
  • (3) commercial flyers
  • (1) bulletin board flyer
  • (1) window cleaning web site

  video icon


another brand new addition to this marketing kit is my...

got dirty windows?™ license

you may have noticed, your marketing tools have "got dirty windows?™" printed on them. as a purchaser of this window cleaning kit, you are given a non-exclusive license to use my trademark phrase:

got dirty windows?™

got dirty windows?™ has been the backbone of my own window cleaning success since i started using it in 1998. i just recently received my united states trademark from the uspto and am happy to offer it's use to you with the purchase of this business kit.

are you ready to claim your "quick start guide to window cleaning profits" for just $67?

"take 100 days to try out every aspect of your "quick start guide to window cleaning profits" and if you haven't made 100 times your $67 investment, simply email or call me for a 100% complete refund."


"i deeply appreciate your willingness to make these tools available to me. you and your company continue to exceed my expectations. i will certainly be telling other franchisees about you & your program."

- j. bowers, certapro painters


step #3:

beyond window cleaning marketing tools and window cleaning techniques video instruction, you'll need a comprehensive knowledge of every aspect of the window cleaning trade.

here's an inside look at the first 12 chapters of valuable interactive information that you'll receive in my course:

= chapter = video lesson

chapter 1: introduction

  1. three "vital keys" of operating a successful window cleaning service
  2. specialized information within this kit
  3. the "quick start" process
chapter 2: the business of doing business
  1. naming your business
  2. business licensing
  3. city or state sales tax
  4. business property tax
  5. business liability insurance
  6. commercial auto insurance
  7. workman's compensation insurance

part 2 - book keeping:

  1. the invoice or sales booklet
  2. create a data base
  3. engagement calendar
  4. calculating city or state quarterly sales taxes

calculating federal quarterly taxes

  1. business income
  2. business expense: supplies, equipment, phone and fax, advertising, vehicle mileage, clothing, education or business trips, retirement accounts, insurance and auto loans

chapter 3: the ultimate sales pitch

  1. in the beginning
  2. how to make money your first day!
  3. why 95% of all new businesses fail within the first year... learn how to beat the odds every time.
  4. how to make money your first day!

chapter 4: marketing techniques

  1. where are the markets for window cleaners?
  2. what makes the residential market - homes - a better place to start your business than focusing on selling to store fronts?
  3. free advertising: how to use referrals and discounts to generate tons of new high-end customers
  4. 3 different customer types: the psychology behind "why" they buy
  5. alternative -- low cost -- advertising that will help get your phone ringing!
  6. print advertising: how to get the best "bang for your buck" buying ad space in your local newspaper
  7. business web site: how to give your business an added "advantage" over your competition by using the internet and create instant credibility within your market!
  8. discover how 'getting your window cleaning business on-line' can blow your competition away with 2 simple strategies
  9. other "popular ways" to promote your business

chapter 5: setting standards for success

  1. pricing your services!
  2. calculating "drive time" into your estimates
  3. free floating accounts
  4. establish pricing minimums
  5. block discounts
  6. inflation proofing your business with price increases
  7. goal setting

chapter 6: workplace safety

  1. correct extension ladder setup
  2. extension ladder safety tips
  3. extension ladder leveler and stabilizer
  4. ladder load ratings
  5. ladder movement
  6. ladder setup on stairs
  7. creating barricades for workplace and public safety
  8. slip and fall hazards
  9. preventing heat related illness

chapter 7: window cleaning tools

  1. the essential window cleaning tools
  2. additional window cleaning items you'll need... plus techniques on how to get the most out of them!

chapter 8: window cleaning techniques

  1. the 2 stroke window cleaning method
  2. should you wipe window's edge after squeegeeing?
  3. using the partial squeegee technique
  4. minimizing streaks
  5. window wetting
  6. the super swirl squeegee method!
  7. exposing a myth
  8. super swirl applications
  9. super swirl ladder work
  10. 1/2 moon shaped window cleaning
  11. small horizontal window cleaning "x" method
  12. the 1 stroke oval window cleaning method
  13. cleaning window screens
  14. how to remove window screens
  15. how to remove fake french panes
  16. squeegee rubber repair
  17. extension pole techniques #1
  18. extension pole techniques #2
  19. extension pole techniques #3

chapter 9: using razor blades

  1. the do's and don'ts of glass scraper use
  2. paint removal instructions
  3. please avoid doing this!
  4. how to safely remove decals and stickers
  5. danger!... glass fines / fabricating debris
  6. tempered glass scratch liability waiver

chapter 10: cleaning storm windows, skylights and sunrooms

  1. sunroom window cleaning #1
  2. sunroom window cleaning #2
  3. cleaning curved glass
  4. storm window cleaning
  5. skylight window cleaning

chapter 11: must haves

  1. andy's list of window cleaning business must haves
  2. if you have very little money to invest in your business -- here's what i'd recommend...
  3. repeat this!

chapter 12: resources:

  1. window cleaning supply companies
  2. window cleaning business management software
  3. manufacturers of window cleaning products, chemicals and equipment
  4. professional associations
  5. glass videos
  6. government regulations and standards
  7. window cleaning videos, e-books and instruction
  8. how to add video to your web site

wow! that's a ton of powerful, business building tips that you can use your very first day window cleaning.

it's easy to read info... designed to get you making money immediately!

it's not just words... but, "how-to" window cleaning techniques on video. it's not filled with hand drawn illustrations... it's all real -- 'on-location' photos.

but don't take my word for it...'s how brady brewer benefited from chapter 3, "the ultimate sales pitch."

"the ultimate sales pitch" shows you how to win customers and separate your company from your competition in a straight and consistent tone that leads to quick and fearless sales."

- brady brewer squeaky, the sound of clean


"i started using your sales script and 7 door bells later i landed a window cleaning job that paid triple of what your package was. 7 door bells took less than 10 min... it's like printing your own money! we figure we can do at least $400 per day."

- david weichert

with the right sales script you can turn absolute strangers into 'life-long' customers

i've spent the last 7 years building this information packed course and have spent $10,000's in research to give the best information available.

i have learned, and i'm willing to hand over all the do's and don't's associated with building a profitable window cleaning business...

now it's your turn!

quick start guide to window cleaning profits

are you ready to claim your "quick start guide to window cleaning profits" for just $67?

"take 100 days to try out every aspect of your "quick start guide to window cleaning profits" and if you haven't made 100 times your $67 investment, simply email or call me for a 100% complete refund."


step #4:

o. k., at this point you'll have a comprehensive understanding of the window cleaning industry. you'll know how to clean windows proficiently and you'll have the marketing tools you'll need to generate income.

now you need a 'plan of action'.

my system includes a 3 lesson, weekly plan of action guide, that gives specific directions to get you earning money immediately!

week 1:

"how to start earning cash now in residential neighborhoods"

week 2:

"how to create "bulk sales" and add 10 - 30 new customers every weekend"

week 3:

"how to get your window cleaning business on 6 crucial window cleaner's bidders lists"

these 3 weekly action plans will help you start earning at least $250 your first day!

are you ready to get started?

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i want to make it even easier for you to get your hands on this wealth building system.

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i must warn you: the following 5 super bonuses are available to you absolutely free! on a "first come - first served" basis.

i don't know how long i can continue to offer these bonuses for free because...

...2 out of 5 bonuses require my personal time. and 1 of the bonuses requires my personal time to help you build your business for 6 months with "1-on-1 training".

and, because i only have the ability to help a few people at a time, the following 5 bonuses must be claimed within the next 48 hours to guarantee a spot in my schedule.

super bonus #1

"an insiders guide to
window cleaning pricing"

(a $47.00 value -- but yours free!)

window cleaning pricing and bidding ebook

one of the most crucial elements to starting your new window cleaning business is understanding the importance of pricing your work correctly.

even though i've already dedicated a whole chapter to window cleaning pricing in the quick start guide, i wanted to add this 5 chapter ebook to help you eliminate bidding mistakes.

you'll learn ...

how to earn at least $70 per hour cleaning windows

when to use a $100 minimum price strategy

when it's appropriate to ask for an hourly rate

how to get paid for the time driving between jobs

how to correct pricing mistakes without taking a loss

eliminate bidding mistakes - forever!

because there's a lot of confusion over how to price, or bid windows ...

... i've decided the best way for you to effectively learn this skill is to literally...

... take you to several of my own window cleaning accounts and show you exactly, how many windows my customers have, how much i'm charging them, and how i'm performing the work.

there's no better way to learn pricing than to actually see how much i'm charging my customers!

this type of pricing guide has never been done before...

... isn't it about time!?


super bonus #2

"8 money making
window cleaning
add-on services"

(a $77.00 value -- but yours free!)

window cleaning add-on services ebook


this 8 chapter ebook contains window cleaning service "add-on's" that are designed and proven to compliment and add profitability to your new business.

here's a sneak peek inside...

= chapters = video lesson

1. glass restoration and sealing

"add a lucrative glass restoration service to your business... and, discover how to save your customers thousands of dollars - restoring - rather than replacing their window glass!"

2. rain gutter cleaning

"learn how to maximize 'on location' profits with gutter cleaning... a necessary service most home owners can't or won't perform"

3. bird control

"let's face it... bird poop is not only unsightly but extremely unsanitary. providing this specialized service can reap big service contracts... especially with businesses who must comply with public health codes to operate i.e... restaurants!"

4. awning cleaning

"commercial businesses love awnings to cover their building's entryway but... who are they going to pay to keep them clean? -- why not you?"

5. roof pressure washing and siding cleaning

"discover... how to -- minimize business down time -- with these highly profitable 'rainy day' add-on services!"

6. holiday lighting and decorating

"learn how to leverage your existing window cleaning business customers to create huge profits by offering... lighting and decorating during the christmas holiday season"

7. restore failed igu's

"does your customer have foggy glass?... learn how to remove moisture between thermal pane windows and get paid well for it!"

8. roof snow removal

"winter snow removal services where it pays big... on residential and commercial roofs!"


super bonus #3

"window cleaning business
promotional sales tool
on cd rom, print version
or digital download"

(a $297.00 value -- but yours free!)

window cleaning business promotional cd rom

this "promotion sales tool" is designed specifically to convert 'unsure prospects' into buyers of your window cleaning services.

when a potential customer, (prospect), is on the verge of saying "no" to your window cleaning offer, simply hand them this information packed tool.

this promotional tool is:

designed to ensure your customers know immediately that you are an expert in the field of glass maintenance.

you can literally -- copy this cd and hand it out like candy. it'll beat your competitor's business card "hands down" every time!

you can upload this promotional sales tool to your web site for visitors to download and read more about your services offered.

you can print or burn a cd rom of this sales tool and hand deliver the information to customers.

this tool will help convert sales when potential customers are unsure about hiring you by creating instant credibility for your business.

this promotional tool is only available here!... at this web site. i created this exclusive tool to give your business a "technologically, up-to-date" competitive advantage that other window cleaners in your area can't possibly compete against!

imagine giving your potential customers an information packed cd rom or print version, that contains tips and tricks that can literally save them $1000's in expensive window replacement costs!

after receiving this great gift from you... who do you think they'll call when they need their windows cleaned?

answer: you!

here's what the first half page looks like:

screen shot of your promotional cd rom!


super bonus #4

"subscription to the
free window cleaning tips

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free window cleaning tips newsletter

every month you'll receive in-depth articles designed to help improve your window cleaning business and window cleaning skills.

each newsletter will be delivered direct to your email inbox.


super bonus #5

"6 full months of
business support"

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business membership

have a question about bidding a particular job?

need help troubleshooting a tough job site?

have a question about window cleaning equipment and tools?

want to know what ladder is best suited for a particular application?

whatever you need to know regarding your new window cleaning business, i will - personally - do my best to give accurate and concise answers to your questions.

i'm here for you.

that's my job.

you'll receive 6 full months of one-on-one business coaching from me personally.

that's more than sixteen times the value
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  2. 8 money making window cleaning add-on services
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  4. subscription to the free window cleaning tips newsletter
  5. 6 full month's of business support

and to prove that i'm serious about helping you build a profitable window cleaning business...

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my "100 times your money in 100 days or
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andy engstrom - certified high rise and low rise window cleaner.

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