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give your window cleaning business a competitive advantage with a cost effective - low maintenance - website

a well designed website can really boost your company's public image!... that's just - one - of the many reasons your window cleaning business should be on the world wide web right now!

here's how you'll benefit:

  • attract high paying clientele
  • become "visible" to a new market
  • an advantage over your competition
  • convey a professional, reliable, competent image

here's what you'll get... with our window cleaning website package:

(1) home page

your website's home page will contain the following:

(660x110) pixel graphic header. you will need to supply us with one to three high quality images or logo, (or none), to be used in the header, and your company name, complete address and telephone number with area code. other info that can be added to header i.e.. are you insured?, bonded?, licensed?, give free estimates? what kind of window cleaning services does your company perform... residential?, commercial, industrial?, construction cleaning?, high-rise?. other services offered... pressure washing?, glass restoration?, awning cleaning?, janitorial?, etc... (see header example below)

window cleaning website header example

up to 1500 words of text. you will need to supply us with a complete text of the information you'd like your website customers to view on your home page. good website text includes the following about your business: "who, what, where, when and how".

up to 4 images. you will need to supply us with (0 to 4) high quality images in .jpg or .gif formats to include in your home page. images must be under your copyright. also, provide a basic description of the image that will be used as an (alt text). alt text is the text that is readable at a website when a viewer scrolls over the image with their computer mouse.

(1) service request form page

a service request form will allow your potential or returning customers to send you information on the work they'd like to hire you to perform or, to receive an estimate of costs from. a couple of requests from this web page can literally pay for your complete website package!

you'll need to let us know what kind of choices you'd like to make available to your customers. when your customer fills out this form at your website and submits the information, you'll receive a detailed email describing who they are, what service or estimate of service they'd like you to perform, at what location, with their full name, email and mailing address, phone number... all the pertinent data you'll need to follow up with your new or previous customer.

  window cleaning website service request form


"there's nothing more distracting than having to answer your cell phone when your squeegee is in hand and you're at the top of a 40' ladder, or swinging in a bosun's chair! the "service request form" at my website allows my customers to contact me, let me know exactly what services they'd like me to perform, while enabling me to reply to their request at an appropriate time. it's a real lifesaver". a. engstrom /


up to 5 email addresses

choose up to 5 email address you can use for your business or personal use. each address will have your domain name included. example: we will also "java script" the email addresses you'd like listed at your website to help prevent spam.

domain name (your website's url)

we will take care of everything you need to get your business up and running on the world wide web, including helping you acquire a domain name - web address. you'll need to provide us with an idea of what you'd like your domain name to be, i.e.., it's best to stick with the basics when choosing a name. i'd suggest starting with the name of your business with a (.com) address. let us know if this is right for you, and we'll check to see if the domain name is available. if not, we'll provide you with other options such as different address endings like... (.net), (info), (biz).

website visibility

we'll include, in your home page, the needed "html code" to help make your business visible to persons searching the internet for window cleaning in your area. your code will include a page title, description and keywords that will be visible to search engines. description and keyword code is not visible to your website visitors but, is visible to search engines. this will help get your business noticed when a potential customer types "window cleaning your city and state" into a search engine like... google. of course, we can't promise page ranking or placement at any particular search engine but, this added code will help give your site visibility over another window cleaning business in your area that doesn't have this code in their website.

why do we create text / image based rather than flashy fancy sites?
we want you succeed! we know the web, and that's why we design websites that...

load quickly: your potential customer may be using an old, slower computer with a dial up connection to the internet. we want to provide you with a site that is viewable instantly for anyone surfing the web; one that displays a professional image without aggravating your customer. people hate to wait for a web page to load; many will leave your site before they've had a chance to read anything about you and your business. text heavy pages with small to medium sized images make the fastest loading web pages that convey the message that "you are ready to take their order... now!" (click here to enlarge picture --->)   window cleaning website text - image example


are search engine friendly: the simple true is... search engines read, and understand the text on a web page. good old words, in the form of sentences, are your best ally in getting more customers through searches than any other web medium i.e.. graphics, flash media, movies, and oversized pictures. search engines can't read the text on a graphic, nor do they understand the text in flash and movie media.

people pleasing: well written words will get your point across most effectively to your site's visitors. generally, people don't like, pop-ups, pop-unders, or pulsating images. helping you present your business in a professional, people pleasing, search engine friendly design is our goal; and the best way we can help your business succeed!

don't require plug-ins: why require your site's visitors to download the latest media players when they don't have to. people enjoy going to a site and getting the information they want fast. their is no better way to lose a potential customer than one that has to leave your site to download the latest version of, for example, adobe acrobat, macromedia flash or a mp3 player.

continued service: of course, after your initial website has been built and is up an running, you're welcome to come back and have us add all the extras you'd like. but for now, we want to offer you a website package that attracts customers, is easy to understand and is light on your pocket book!

limited time offer

for a limited time, we are offering this outstanding website package for an outstanding price. we are slashing the regular price for this website package by 50%!!!

during this special promotional period, you can get your business on the world wide web for only $779 usd.

there's more...

...if you order right now, we'll include one year of domain name registration and one year of web hosting for no additional cost! you'll have a hassle free website with no additional financial obligations for a 1 full year. basic web hosting alone averages $15 a month and domain registration costs around $8 a year. we are willing to cover these costs for you, a $188 savings! have us build your website and start reaping the benefits...

  • broaden your market
  • attract new high paying clientele
  • an advantage over your competition
  • convey a professional, reliable, competent image
  • get on the world wide web now!
window cleaning website package (curently not available)  

once your order transaction is complete, i'll email you all the pertinent data you'll need to fill out and return to us. your new website can literally be up and running within 2 weeks! feel free to if you have any questions about our website package. thank you!

andrew engstrom - andrew engstrom
11 year industry pro
member: (iwca & iwcci)