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how to send a free christmas card to your window cleaning customers!

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the holiday season is just around the corner. and if you were to send just 1 greeting card all year to your window cleaning customers...

... now is the time to send it!

(above) is the holiday greeting card i created and sent my window washing customers this year.

all i had to do to send this card was:

  1. upload a picture into my account
  2. type a heart felt message
  3. select the customers i wanted to receive this card
  4. click the "send" button.

that's it!

the system i use is drop dead simple! it's such an easy system to send real greeting cards, my 6 year old daughter frequently sends her own custom greeting cards to our friends and family!

what i going to propose to you right now, is going to shock you right out of your seat.

i'm going to allow you to send a real holiday card to anyone you'd like, using my system ...

... and i'm going to cover the cost of the card, and the cost of the shipping, for you.

your cost is 100% free!

what i want you to do right now is think of someone who has been a great benefit to your window cleaning service. this person could be someone who has referred your business to others or has simply been a great customer... someone who deserves a heart felt "thank you" from you.

go ahead and send that special someone a card...

click here to send a free card!

* make sure to turn on your computer's audio.

o. k. you're probably wondering, "andy, why are you paying for me to send a greeting card"?

answer: my goal has always been to provide the best products and business building services for professional window cleaners. i know that you'll be so impressed with this system, that you'll want to get an account for yourself, all you need to do is give it a try.

i'm obligated to show you this system because i believe it is the single greatest business building tool ever created.

i'm looking for serious window cleaning professionals that understand the most important rule in marketing... "customer appreciation wins over self promotion every time". if you understand this concept, i want you to send a free card using my money.

here's the link again to send your free card!

click here to send a free card!

go ahead and spend 5 minutes right now, and send a greeting card.

- andy

andy engstromabout the author: andy engstrom specializes in teaching real people how to start profitable window cleaning businesses that make $40,000 to $100,000 (or more) per year. to get instant access to all his most profitable window cleaning business strategies, tools, and resources,

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