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window cleaning business forms: free templates you can customize for your business needs

one of the questions i'm asked of my readers is, "where can i get business forms for my window cleaning business"?

it's a great questions because in business, forms of all types are used to help promote, market, and get paid for our window cleaning services.

for instance... form templates can be customized with your business information to provide your customer's invoices, create business cards, business letterhead and to create business contracts.

the best part is, there's hundreds of free templates available on the web for you to start using right now!

"andy, where can i get 'em"?

my favorite place to get free form templates is at google docs. all you need to do is sign up for a free account at google, and you'll have access to hundreds of forms already to use and of professional quality. to get more info on google docs, click here:

at google docs, you can create business cards, service invoices, employee time cards and time sheets, business letterheads, business plans, sales forecasts, travel expense sheets...

... the list of templates you can use to aid your window cleaning business is virtually endless.

here's a sample window cleaning business card i created in less than 2 minutes at google docs.

sample window cleaning business card - copyright volitar industries

so, if you want to get on the fast track to starting a window cleaning business, the tools at google docs can help speed you on your way. by-the-way, you can insert your images and company logo into the forms as you see fit. and, since your documents are stored on google's servers, they're safe incase your computer crashes.

i'll see you on the streets cleaning windows,

- andy

andy engstromabout the author: andy engstrom specializes in teaching real people how to start profitable window cleaning businesses that make $40,000 to $100,000 (or more) per year. to get instant access to all his most profitable window cleaning business strategies, tools, and resources,

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