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...that over 70% of the people that get my 'quick start guide to window cleaning profits' are already professional window cleaning business owners?

it may seem kind of odd that established business owners would want more information on how to get on the fast track to higher profits but, in many cases, they simply want to know the ingredients that has made my business so successful. in other words, they want professional guidance to make their own businesses more successful.

ask yourself this:

  1. are you making at least $70 per cleaning windows?
  2. are you generating at least $7,000 per month in window cleaning sales?
  3. do you fully understand how to optimize sales and how to get your customers to sell for you?
  4. do you know how to prioritize windows and how to use advanced window cleaning techniques to increase your on-site profits?
  5. do you know how to price window cleaning jobs so you get what you need out of your business?
  6. do you know how to inflation proof your business?
  7. do you know where to highest paying jobs are and how to obtain contracts?

these are just a handful of the questions window cleaners want answers to when seeking window cleaning marketing information from me.

believe me, back in 1995 when i started my first window cleaning business, i would have loved to have someone give me the answers to these crucial questions. back in those days, i couldn't just search the internet and get all of the answers i needed, i had to learn them through the 'school of hard knocks'.

luckily, i had my friend jaime leon, who was an experienced window cleaner and had years of sales experience to help get me on the right track. jaime showed me who, where, how, why and when to secure the highest paying customers right from the first day...

...believe it or not, i actually learned how to clean windows on the job. we where making the sales and immediately cleaning the customers glass -- literally making $250 per day from the get go.

after that first season cleaning windows in anchorage alaska, i moved to nashville, tennessee to continue pursuing my career in the music industry. on my trip down the alcan highway, in the middle of no where, british columbia canada, my travel companion and i got in a wreck and crashed my truck and the jeep we had in tow. the delay and expenses totally drained my savings so when i arrived in missoula, montana i was forced to figure out how i was going to come up with the money to continue on to nashville.

my travel companion, brian, had a place to stay in missoula, so i ended up talking him and a roommate into starting a temporary window cleaning business to help earn the needed funds to get me on my way.

it was thanksgiving, and the snow was already starting to fall, but i was determined to make the sales. using the sales techniques i learned earlier from jaime, we started approaching customers and securing window cleaning jobs in the toughest of circumstances.

over the next two weeks, i had enough to buy ladders, window cleaning tools, and earned enough after expenses, to continue to nashville with a couple thousand dollars in my pocket.

i'm going to give you the short story here...

... i was living in nashville during the winter of '96 out of a 14' travel trailer with my 5 year old son. i was working 12 hour shifts at gibson guitar factory making $8 an hour. my music opportunities were nonexistent and my son and i were cold and miserable. so i quit working for gibson and started selling window cleaning as soon as early spring arrived.

when i started marketing my business, "music city windows", i had a good idea of where and how to generate sales immediately... after all, my son was depending on me to make the business work.

i started that business by creating a 'system of referrals' that got my customers to sell window cleaning jobs for me.

i literally only had to 'hard sell' 3 customers!...

... all of the jobs that followed were referred from new customers calling their friends. it was like a domino effect that created a long line of high paying window cleaning jobs that lasted 4 months after which, my son and i moved back to my home town of juneau alaska... i decided at that point that if i was going to be a single dad, i needed to quit pursuing my music, settle down and start building a new life.

the whole next year in juneau, i was hesitant about the idea of starting a window cleaning business. i thought "there's no way window cleaning will sell in a cold wet alaskan rain forest"!

boy, was i wrong... absolutely wrong!

even though the season is short and the sun hardly ever comes out, window cleaning in juneau has not only been very profitable but, one of the greatest adventures of my life. i have no regrets and i'm amazed, humbled, and thankful for my customers who have helped me go from 'couch surfing' at my sister's house to a fantastic lifestyle that allows me 5 months of free time every year since '99. the income covers my living expenses, retirement accounts an several family vacations per year. i'm not rich but i live comfortably.

i know you can have this same level of success or even better. but, i urge you not to waste time reinventing the wheel.

i can offer you a system of short cuts that will produce results right now and make your window cleaning business more profitable.

i've done the leg work. i've started 4 different window cleaning businesses in 4 different cities... every time, i started at ground zero -- without a single customer. i've perfected the art of making sales and i can show you how to use my techniques in your business.

i want to thank you for allowing me to share a little of my story with you. if you're struggling to make ends meet, or are dissatisfied with your occupation and lifestyle, i know how you feel -- i've been there.

if you'd like to learn more about my 'quick start guide to window cleaning profits', please click here and allow me to share with you the secrets of my success.

i'll see you on the streets cleaning windows,

- andy

andy engstromabout the author: andy engstrom specializes in teaching real people how to start profitable window cleaning businesses that make $40,000 to $100,000 (or more) per year. to get instant access to all his most profitable window cleaning business strategies, tools, and resources,

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