"simplify your window cleaning efforts with a window cleaners tool belt specifically designed to hold your window cleaning supplies... ...increase safety and productivity! "


i'm andy engstrom.

for your convenience, i've assembled a window cleaner's tool belt that has the necessary ingredients to tackle the tough jobs.

in1995, when i started window cleaning, i started with the essential window cleaning tools but, had no place to put those tools when climbing ladders to access windows for cleaning.

up and down the ladders, i'd carry my squeegees, scraper and strip washer thus, making it difficult and dangerous to secure myself to the ladder. before my first job ended, i knew i needed a tool belt to carry my supplies.

luckily, the window cleaning industry was way ahead of me...

...they'd already developed numerous different holsters and belt loops to accommodate my needs. the problem i faced then was, which combination of tool belt items did i need to make window cleaning easier?!

after years of professional window cleaning, i've put together a tool belt that will fit securely around your waist, hold your strip washer and cleaning solution, 3 squeegees, your window scraper,dry towel, white nylon pads, 0000 steel wool pads, and sea sponge.

this window cleaners tool belt package is designed to:

create a safer work environment

ensure osha compliance

free your hands to carry ladders and other equipment

secure your tools securely to your waist

access tools immediately without having to climb down ladder

improves your professional image

limits wasted time by minimizing movements from window to window

maximizes job site profitability

if you've been cleaning windows without the aid of a tool belt, i'm sure you can understand the huge benefits of window cleaners tool belt...

... it's much safer. more efficient way to clean windows. definitely, the way to go!

here's the tool belt contents in your package, all are quality ettore products:



window cleaning supplies(1) super tool belt

"44" heavy duty nylon web construction. designed to carry squeegees, scrapers, stripwashers, cloth and more.


window cleaning supplies(2) single squeegee leather holster

two tough leather for long lasting use. each holster holds one squeegee or scraper.



window cleaning supplies(1) sidekick holster

"delivers speed, flexibility & convenience in a definitive dripless holster. puts squeegee, scrubber & mini-basket on either hip. (tools not included.)


window cleaning supplies(1) ettore pouch

two pockets hold car keys, sea sponge, nylon pads, steel wool pads and more.



ettore's suggested list price for this package is $104.04

i'm going to make it easy for you to get these 'essential' tools by reducing the price by 20%!

this is a limited time offer...

your price, for the next few days is $84.

your satisfaction is guaranteed. if for any reason, you want to get a refund, you can return the tool belt items within 30 days for a complete refund of your purchase price. no questions - no hassles!

once you've got this tool belt, you'll wonder how you've managed without it,

- andy engstrom

(owner) freewindowcleaningtips.com

ps you can spend hours searching for this same combination of tool belt items on the internet. save yourself time and aggravation... order yours today and i'll ship them via usps flat rate box within 3 business days. most u.s. orders will arrive, to you, within 1 week! (this offer is available to us residents only).

to purchase, use your credit card by clicking the "buy now" button (above). your credit card and personal information is protected via an encryption process.

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