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"super swirl" window cleaning video!dear friend,

decades ago, when the squeegee and strip washer replaced newspaper and ammonia as the preferred window cleaning system...

...professional window cleaners began to develop faster and more efficient ways to clean dirty windows using these new tools.

during this period, a new technique was born that 'revolutionized' the window cleaning industry...

the "super swirl" squeegee method.

the professionals technique of choice because of the effortless and practical way the squeegee cleans window glass without leaving streaks and in...

... 1/5th the time it takes to squeegee a window using straight strokes!

the speed of the super swirl is world renowned as the fastest window cleaning technique in the world.

and, to crown the king or queen, the iwca has a speed window cleaning contest using the super swirl technique at their yearly international convention.

the super swirl has become an...

..."absolute must learn" for all professional window cleaners who want to stay competitive.

back in 1995, i used only "down strokes" or "side strokes" to squeegee glass. i was o.k. with the money i was making as a professional window cleaner but, after i learned the super swirl method, i couldn't believe how much

  • better the glass cleaned, and how much
  • more money i was making...

i literally added $10,000 to $15,000 to my yearly profits using the "super swirl" method."

important note: ***you do not have to be a pro*** to learn super speed window cleaning! my video will guide you step by step, with slow motion camera, until you're achieving professional quality window cleaning results on your own!

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>>> "the super swirl video has doubled my speed & doubled my fun!" - ivan sims

>>> "the super swirl technique is a real time saver and there is nothing better than seeing it in action with andy's video demonstration!!" - chris cochran squeegee-clean

>>> "the super swirl video is outstanding and is a great asset to my business. who would have thought washing windows would be this easy!" - kevin lowe

>>> "...a practical / effective way to clean glass fast with minimum motion ...reasonably priced." - ted tracewicz

>>> "great videos! they made pros out of my staff." - tim conroy conroy cleaning services, inc.

>>> "i downloaded your super swirl video about 2 weeks ago. i have since doubled what i can do in a day. no more vertical or horizontal strokes or buffing off glass... it's brilliant!" - brendan, ireland


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in my brand new video, "super swirl applications", i break down the swirl window cleaning technique on a variety of different glass shapes and sizes.

my "super swirl applications video" features...

slow motion camera, that accurately dissects the swirl squeegee technique on:

  • 1/2 moon shaped glass
  • tall rectangular glass via ladder
  • small horizontal glass using the "secret x" technique

learn professional window cleaner's insider tips on how to:

  • use the fanning technique to close out the swirl
  • when and where to use the "x" squeegee technique.

these techniques are so specialized, most professional window cleaners don't even know about them.

** this video supplies you with the knowledge that will make your window cleaning chore or business more enjoyable and profitable.


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>>> hi andy. my name is daniel quick.

i live and work in edmond, oklahoma and recently downloaded your videos for the super swirl technique.

i must say i'm very impressed.

i drive a school bus, coupled with the weather here in oklahoma, things get a tad bit dirty, including my windows. all totaled, when i clean every window in my bus, that's 200 panes of glass, every day, sometimes twice a day.

your technique has sped my cleaning process up and now i have drivers asking me to clean their windows too!

thanks again and i'd recommend your videos to everyone.

best regards,

daniel quick
deer creek public schools
edmond, oklahoma


>>> hi andy,

i got your "super swirl" window cleaning video a few days ago. i watched it twice that night and went to service a regular customer the next morning.

i usually take four-and-a-half hours to do that job, but using your "super swirl" method i finished in two hours-and-fifteen minutes!

that was the first time i used the method. i can't wait to see how much faster i can get with a little practice!

thanks for a great product. it's good to do business with a guy who delivers what he offers.

kim borg
diamond clear windows
spokane, wa

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andrew engstrom - andrew engstrom
12 year industry pro
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owner: freewindowcleaningtips.com


ps when it comes to being competitive, there's no better way to increase your window cleaning speed than learning with my "super swirl" videos!

you'll learn through --- slow motion camera --- skills that will dramatically improve the quality of your window cleaning without leaving streaks.

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