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for professional window cleaners, transporting personnel, window cleaning tools and equipment from location to location is a fact we can't avoid. and with the high price of gasoline eating away at our profit margins, we have to look for ways to reduce this expense while continuing to grow our businesses.

during the course of this article, we'll look at two techniques you can use to reduce and even eliminate your fuel expense...

... that's right, i said 'eliminate" your fuel expense!

and no, i'm not going to suggest riding your bike while carrying a 24' extension ladder!

i'm going to suggest these 2 techniques:

  1. use good routing practices
  2. use rough estimates

use good routing practices

using good routing practices allows you to not only reduce your automobile's fuel consumption, but also will help you produce greater daily profits by getting you to job sites faster by minimizing your drive time.

what you'll want to do is take a close look at your customer list.

start combining window cleaning jobs that are in close proximity rather than random scheduling that may cause you to have to drive across town between job sites.

get out a map and start 'clustering' your customers based on the time it takes to clean their windows and the physical location of their property...

... you can create clusters for both residential and commercial accounts and combine them if you wish. the jobs you'll cluster are those that take less than 1 day to perform.

once you've created your clusters, you can now start scheduling several customers in one neighborhood one day, and move to the next neighborhood the next day and so on.

if you've already set a customer in your schedule for a particular day, take a look at your list and see if you can add other jobs in their area to fill out your day.

sure, this is a common sense approach to reducing your gas consumption but, it's one that i think need to be revisited, even if you're already routing your work in this manner.

  1. cluster your jobs.
  2. create your schedule.
  3. and, save - save - save money by using less gas between job sites.

use rough estimates

giving a rough estimate is a technique i love and have used for years. it eliminates the need to drive to a potential customers home or business to give a free estimate by giving them a rough estimate over the phone.

giving a rough estimate over the phone not only eliminates the need to burn expensive gas, it also saves you time. after all, if you can get a "yes, go ahead and clean my windows" answer from a 'pre-qualified" customer, why waste time and money driving to their property to offer them a free estimate?

sure, i advertise, 'free estimates' like every other window cleaner in the world but, 95% of the time i use a rough estimate over the phone instead of going on-location.

this techniques works best with residential and commercial customers that are pre qualified.

a pre qualified customer is one that has already seen your advertisement and has called, emailed, or contacted you via your web site to get a bid price for window cleaning. these folks are already interested in having you clean their windows! they are already about 80% sold on the idea of hiring you when they call... regardless of the price.

when a customer calls asking for a free estimate, this is the perfect time to use your prior bidding knowledge to come up with a rough estimate over the phone.

you simply need to ask them a few key questions:

how many stories is your home or business?

what's the square footage of the building?

are you interested in interior / exterior window cleaning or just the exterior?

if your window cleaning business does track cleaning, gutter cleaning, chandeliers etc... ask them if they are interested in adding these services to the costs.

basically, what you want to do is gather enough pertinent information from the customer's request to come up with a estimate over the phone based on a rough price range.

for example, if a residential customer calls me and requests exterior-only window cleaning on a 3 story home and the home is approximately 2500 square feet, i'll let her know the window cleaning will cost around $180 to $280.

i'll then let her know that i'll calculate the exact total for her window cleaning when i'm finished with the work.

this is the exact method i use to earn $70 per hour for 1 to 3 story commercial and residential work. whatever your hourly rate is, multiply it by the time it takes to complete the work, add in your drive time fee and any applicable taxes and you've got your total.

if you're a save, efficient, quality window cleaner, you're new customers will love your price, and the high quality work you've done for them. if you're slow, do poor quality work, and then calculate your price based on your hourly rate, you're going to have very unhappy customers.

it's as simple as that. you get to avoid making an error in price. you get the price you want every time, add new high paying accounts into your business, and you save time and gassssss... along the way!

the only time i ever drive to a location to do a free estimate is when i'm bidding mid rise and high rise window cleaning jobs.

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i'll see you on the streets cleaning windows,

- andy


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