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"roof pressure washing video"

make $700.00 a day!

find out how to: eliminate business downtime with this
high profit addition to your company's services


roof pressure washing video: your guide to a $700.00 a day income!

dear friend,

to learn how you can profit by adding roof pressure cleaning to your list of business services, please read:

pressure washing is the perfect compliment to your window cleaning business. in fact, the two industries fit so well together that the international window cleaning association (iwca) and the pressure washers of north america (pwna) held a joint convention in dallas, tx 2003. it was amazing to see, how many other window cleaning businesses at the convention had already added pressure washing to their service and how many pressure cleaning businesses had added window cleaning to theirs. it goes to show that cleaning is... cleaning. and, anytime you can perform a service that a consumer can't, i.e.... (under somewhat dangerous conditions), there are great financial rewards.

this downloadable video has the "meat" of what you need to know about roof pressure washing without all the "fluff". i waste absolutely no time getting into the information you need to know to start profiting. use your roof pressure washing service to...

...eliminate business downtime by scheduling your customers on "bad weather days". i often ask my roof cleaning clients if they'd mind waiting until the next heavy rain day to get their roof cleaned. 100% of the time, in my experience of scheduling and cleaning over 50 roofs is, the customer is always willing to wait. your main business is window cleaning, which requires halfway decent weather conditions to perform then, roof pressure washing is...


...the perfect business for rainy and somewhat windy weather conditions. the way i see it is, if you are going to get wet pressure washing, you might as well do it in the rain! how many rainy or windy days have you had to cancel window cleaning and make $0.00 for the day? well, roof pressure washing, or any pressure washing service i.e.... (pressure cleaning driveways, sidewalks, parking garages, vinyl siding), can eliminate your financial loss.

in this video, i'll show you step by step, the safety and cleaning procedures to:

safely access a residential roof... (how and where to mount your ladder, where and how to "tie-off" ropes)

what equipment is needed for "fall protection"

perform the work... (what chemicals to use on roof moss & mold and how to apply them, how to safely pressure wash and remove plant material off roof without damaging the shingles)

make $700.00 a day... (how much to bill your customer for labor and equipment rental)

not only can you use the information on this video to help understand the work involved but, you will gain insight on the potential of creating a whole and completely separate "pressure washing branch" for your business. you, literally can hire new employees, expand your existing business, with a staff dedicated to pressure cleaning of all types - imagine the new potential for profit!

imagine the new customer base this service will create. many of your roof cleaning customers have never considered having a professional clean their windows. now, you have the ability to add your window cleaning service to help sustain these new clients as regulars. infact, i suggest selling the new customer an exterior window cleaning along with the roof cleaning - believe me, their windows are going to need cleaning after you are done with their roof! this will also gives you...

...a competitive advantage over other roof cleaning services. if you can perform an exterior window cleaning, which a typical roof cleaning company can't, there is a clear advantage to hire your company over other competitor's.

at $9.97 (us funds) this is the absolute best price, the best deal you'll find anywhere! this special introductory price won't last long - so, get your roof pressure washing video now and start earning big bucks!!!


order my "roof pressure washing video". your guide to a...
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approx. 5 1/2mins in duration, this 53.4meg video file is an excellent value at $9.97 (us funds). © 2004 volitar industries.
  roof pressure washing video: your guide to a $700.00 a day income!

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andrew engstrom - andrew engstrom
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