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mistake #3: rejected sales attempts

solution: "go for no!"


you've been trying to make sales for you window cleaning business and your prospects keep saying "no" to your offer...

... what do you do?

"go for no!"

if you've been getting a lot of "no's", don't worry, you are on the right track - don't quit. yes, you can refine your sales approach and get better sales conversions, i can help you do that.

but it's important to know, building a window cleaning business is full of rejection!

but that really isn't a problem...

building your business is just a numbers game.

that means the more people you can personally meet and offer your window cleaning services to, the greater chance you have at bringing more customers into your business.

the reason i suggest the 'personal approach' is because the conversion rate on making a sale is much higher than using "shot gun marketing" approaches, i.e.. (flyers, direct mailers, ads from newspapers, television, internet and radio).

so, i suggest you ...

get excited about the "no's" because, every no you get is one prospect closer to a yes! be consistent in your business building efforts and your efforts will pay off.

here's how it might sound when prospecting for window cleaning accounts (in person):

"no, no, yes, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, yes, no, yes, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, yes etc...".

after you've got 3 or 4 customers and have cleaned their windows, you'll never have to ask for a sale again!

... you can say "goodbye" to rejection forever!


referral marketing!

a referral from one person to the next, accounts for 85% of the consumer purchases made, only 15% of purchases are made through advertising.

referral marketing is where you want to focus your efforts.

you can even start generating sales without a single customer by using the techniques i teach... wow!

so to jump start a new window cleaning business, or to rapidly build on an existing business, referral marketing is the key. that's what the world greatest salesman, 12 years in a row did to achieve his success.

1) go for no!

2) get a few yes's

3) and then referral market like your life depends on it!

if you'd like to learn how to get all the referrals you can handle, spend 10 minutes right now and watch, "the referral movie".

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mistake #4: time wasted on non-income producing activities

solution: "be mindful of the time you spend"


there's so many ways to waste time on non-income producing activities, it boggles the mind! and non-income producing activities produce just that... $0.00!

notice: this article is geared only to those individuals guilty of wasting time and not meant to be offensive to those who manage their time effectively.

the reason i'm writing this article is to help 'refocus' you on your goals (if necessary).

i've observed window cleaning business owners engaging in non-income producing activities when they desperately needed to produce money for their families.

at times i've been down-right harsh in my replies to window cleaners asking my advice. one fellow came to me asking for advice. he was in dire straits and needed his window cleaning business to produce income immediately.

after questioning him about his daily activities, i discovered he was spending most of his time building a website for his business.

i finally had to tell him to stop building his website and get out make a few sales! i told him his website was a great idea but, better to build it after he had paid his bills and after he had plenty of savings to carry him through the time it took to build his site.

i also had to remind him, a website is a 'passive' sales tool, and to produce income now he had to engage his time in an 'active' sales process.

if you need to produce income now, passive marketing tools are not the answer.

what are income producing activities?

any service your customers are paying you to for, i.e.. (window cleaning, screen cleaning, gutter cleaning, glass restoration, and glass sealing).

your mind set should always be... finish the job you're on, and then get to the next. the physical process of working through a job is ultimately what you are getting paid to do.

if you don't have a next job to go to, then i'd suggest...

1) get on the phone and call customers that haven't had their window cleaned for a while

2) go and present your offer to new prospects

3) start referral marketing to everyone in your network, i.e.. (customers, friends, family and business acquaintances).

my advice is to spend your work hours providing services you get paid for. afterward, spend some quality time with your family and if you have a little extra time, go ahead and engage in other activities of interest.

bottom line: be mindful of your time. evaluate your activities and asses them to see if they are producing the results you need to be successful.


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