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what does a high-rise window cleaning accident and a music cd have in common?

answer: the brand-new hard-rock'n movie without images cd from volitar!

volitar: alien world cd cover. copyright 2006in volitar: alien world, the surrealistic science fiction epic tale collides with a tragic high rise window cleaning accident over the streets of new york city.

this powerful movie without images compact disc places you at street level as a window cleaner falls to his death.

concept cd creator, andrew engstrom, utilizes art-rock songs, sound effects, and a full-cast production to create an audio experience you'll soon not forget!

seven and a half years and thousands of man-hours went into the production of this 2 cd, independent release.

volitar: murder mystery mayhem cd cover. copyright 2002volitar: murder mystery mayhem, released in 2002 starts the journey. the year is 2117. mining moon owner trevor braiden, along with planetary geologist dr.desiree lear, return to volitar in search of a new mining site. just hours after their arrival a bomb blast rips through the mining compound leaving trevor bewildered from the loss of his best friend. someone is trying to kill trevor braiden - find out who in this instant cult classic!

the story concludes with volitar: alien world, released in january 2006. vows are shared and the newlyweds, trevor braiden and dr. desiree lear, embark on a honeymoon voyage to the near by planet of intrincia. a short lived honeymoon, their flying saucer is sabotaged and crash lands on the surface of the war-torn alien world of ganthros.

ganthronian general, hell bend on learning the secret whereabouts of volitar's santanium ore site, captures trevor and applies ancient earth torture methods brought back from the spanish inquisition. laser fights, hydro-cycles, romance, and a 21st century high-rise window cleaning accident are combined to create...

...the ultimate hard rock science fiction movie without images.

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