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got dirty windows?™ licensing agreement

scope of license

purchaser, (licensee), of my "quick start guide to window cleaning profits" ebook and video course are licensed by volitar industries, (licensor), to use my "got dirty windows?"™ phrase for promotion of their window cleaning business in the form of yard signs, newspaper and other print advertising, business cards, direct mail advertising, and automobile stickers and magnets.

this is a non-exclusive license which allows volitar industries the right to continue offering license of the "got dirty windows?"™ phrase to others without limitation and free from any damages incurred by other licensees.

the (™) trade mark symbol, must be included with the got dirty windows?™ phrase in all advertising licensee's uses to promote their window cleaning business. the (™) trade mark symbol, must be displayed as indicated here:

got dirty windows?™

term (the length of the agreement)

licensee is authorized to use the "got dirty windows?"™ phrase in the forms of advertising listed (above), for as long as he or she owns their window cleaning business.

if a refund of purchase is requested for the "quick start guide to window cleaning profits" ebook and video course, and purchasers money is returned, purchaser's license to the "got dirty windows?"™ phrase is revoked. continued use of the "got dirty windows?"™ phrase constitutes an infringement of copyright. (see copyright infringement below).

prohibited uses

transfer of license upon the sale of a window cleaning business to new owner is prohibited.

use of the got dirty windows?™ phrase on t-shirt(s) and internet advertising is prohibited. volitar industries retains the exclusive right to use this trade marked phrase for all on-line / internet / text messaging / and e-mail advertising.

got dirty windows?™ t-shirts can be purchased for your business uses by ordering exclusively from me, at this internet address

copyright infringement

"got dirty windows?"™ is protected by united states federal law. trade mark and licensing violations can face up to five years in prison and a fine of up to $500,000.

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