"discover... how to remove the toughest stains from window glass using a system that delivers absolute glass clarity"

restore your customers windows to 'crystal clarity' by learning step-by-step professional procedures to clean cloudy glass, remove hard water deposits and oxidization using the proper tools and techniques

learn... how to remove window tint. learn exclusive window tint removal techniques used by professional auto window tint specialists

find out how the pros remove stickers from glass, how to remove paint from windows, how to remove decals from windows... remove all types of 'construction debris' -- without scratching glass


get an insiders look at the 9 most common window cleaning mistakes, learn how to avoid them... and, save yourself $1,000's in expensive glass replacement claims


from: andy engstrom
9:17 am


you've washed your customers windows and instead of feeling confident about presenting them with picture perfect - professionally cleaned windows... you're left with a big problem... ugly staining that's not-even-close to the spotless glass you've promised your client!

because - no matter how hard you've scrubbed, or razor bladed, the windows remain degraded with embedded stains that seem impossible to remove. the staining just won't come out.

and, it's costing you hours of extra time you didn't count on when you established a bid price with your customer... you're losing money on the job!

how embarrassing!

give your customer what you've promised... instead of lame excuses

what are you going to tell your customer? how can you feel justified in charging them for a professional window cleaning when the glass still looks terrible?

i've been there before. so, don't worry. because you're about to learn a 'system of cleaning and restoring glass' that is sooo easy to use, you can confidently apply these techniques right away and give your customers what you've promised instead of giving them excuses.

by learning the proper glass restoration skills, you can provide restoration services to your customers, and... easily charge $100+ per hour for this specialized service.

your customers windows are one of the most costly investments in their home, and they deserve proper care to prevent permanent degradation of clarity caused by hard water, oxidization, over spray and other environmental pollutants.

you can literally transform damaged, cloudy, pitted glass, into crystal clarity and price your work to make $100+ per hour.

you might be thinking... "andy, you're out of your mind! no one is going to pay that kind of money to get their windows cleaned."

and, you're probably right... but you're not just simply cleaning windows -- you're restoring glass. and without the specialized techniques you can now offer your customer, their only other alternative is to have the damaged windows replaced.

tip #1:

it will cost your customer way more to replace their glass than hiring you to remove the stains. this is how i sell it to my customers...

save your customers $1,000's in expensive glass replacement costs

think of it this way:

a typical 4'x4', thermal paned slider window is going to cost a property owner around $400 - $700 to replace. the glass installation company has to access the window, remove it, replace it with new glass, and repair and seal the windows enclosure... it's a long and expensive process.

tip #2:

by offering your customers glass restoration services, you'll be saving them this inconvenience.

you can now offer the exact same results at a fraction of the cost by simply removing the corrosion from their window glass using the proper techniques and equipment...

...literally saving your customer's $1,000's and earning you $100's!

glass restoration is the "green" alternative to glass replacement!

you'll be providing a "green" alternative -- by saving your local landfill from glass that doesn't need to be thrown in the dump. if given the choice, most people will opt to save their glass if it's possible to restore it to clarity. most people want to do their part to save the environment and by giving them this 'green alternative', your customers will not only respond by hiring you, but also will thank you for providing them with this eco-friendly option.

as shown in the picture below, even the worst glass stains can be removed successfully -- even if the glass staining has been developing over the course of several years.

glass restoration

the picture shows a real, on location 'before and after' image, of glass that was badly corroded by concrete sealant acids. and yet, the stain melted away using professional glass restoration techniques.

now, you can learn how to:

remove the toughest glass stains and restore glass to perfect clarity

seal glass and stop problem stains from reappearing -- forever!

remove stickers, decals, paint and more without scratching your glass

minimize fatigue by learning easy-to-use professional window cleaning techniques

but first you've got to...

understand the causes of glass corrosion

hard water staining on glass<< this is what i see everyday.

this is the result of a misplaced lawn sprinkler system that wetted and ultimately etched the window's glass surface. hard water contaminants in your local tap water, will cause stains that standard window cleaning procedures can't remove.

hard water spots(pictured right) is a close-up of the same window showing the hard water stains that remain after a professional window cleaning. restoration procedures are now needed to remove these hard water spots and restore this corroded glass to clarity.

hard water spots are also commonly found on glass shower doors. using the proper glass restoration techniques can solve this problem as well.

how do i know?

i've been a professional window cleaner since 1995. and - everyday my family's financial well being relies on how well i restore glass clarity for my customers.

i've spend $10,000's researching products and have logged hundreds of hours developing techniques that work in a variety of glass restoration applications. i'm one of less than 200 people in the world certified by the iwca in window cleaning safety -- which means i have a written certificate proving i know, and understand glass restoration chemical use, safety and procedures.

with the wrong mixture of chemicals, you can 'burn' glass permanently!

tip #3:

to get great window restoration results... you need to understand there is a right and a wrong approach to glass restoration.

the wrong way is: to randomly try chemicals to remove stains from glass. because, with the wrong mixture of chemicals, you can damage glass beyond repair. your customer's windows are one of the biggest investments they've made in their home.

you simply can't afford damaging your customers glass by applying chemicals and techniques that aren't appropriate for glass restoration purposes.

the wrong way is: to use razor blades to remove debris from glass without understanding safe razor blade techniques. using razor blades can easily scratch glass, you need to know how to use them by learning how to identify glass fines in tempered glass, and how to identify coated glass. you'll learn how to identify glass fines and how to avoid scratching glass.

after reading many of the articles on how to remove hard water spots and other contaminates from glass at popular diy web sites, i felt compelled to write this letter... to once and for all, educate you on the correct professional glass restoration procedures.

...because 99% of the advice you'll read at those web sites is absolutely wrong. i needed to know how to do this for my customers. i tried their advice and it didn't work.

...when you think of the expense - of how much it costs to replace a window, you can't afford damaging your customers favorite view windows based on recommendations made by people that are not professional window cleaners... from people who don't understand glass corrosion and how to identify fabricating debris.

now you can learn the right way to remove hard water spots, glass oxidization, stickers, decals, paint, cement, stucco, mortar, tint and more

learn the techniques to quickly and easily remove stickers and decals effectively even if it's been there for years.

yes, the stickers and decals will still leave a stain after your removed them because the sticker adhesive has been working it's magic on the window... you'll learn how to remove this adhesive.

learn the #1 mistake everyone does when removing paint that ends up scratching glass and how to avoid it.

i'm going to show you a glass sealant that you can use to add to the glass to prevent problem stains from ever appearing again

nothing looks worse than window tinting that has failed! no matter what, tinting will eventually fail. if your customer has tinting that has failed, it will need to be removed. this is a great way to improve customers satisfaction and add new sales to your business.

discover the proper tools you need to use to get the job done right instead of making the glass worse.

i will show you my top 5 techniques that took me years to figure out and perfect.

don't just read about the theory actually see, in video, what you need to do based on years of experience.

remove the toughest glass stains like, lime scale, hard water, oxidization, sealant burn, acid rain, and restore glass to perfect clarity.

'minimize wrist-fatigue' by learning easy-to-use professional window cleaning techniques.

* not every technique can be used every time. you'll learn how to use the right technique at the right time...

... i've put together a comprehensive, easy-to-learn window cleaning and glass restoration system that includes several lessons featuring slow motion video, so you can easily grasp every move i make and make them your own.

the "window cleaning secrets exposed" glass restoration system, will show you all the proper techniques and tools that will easily cut through even the worst corrosion on glass surfaces.

you'll learn how to drastically reduce the time it takes to clean your customers windows and deliver the crystal clear results you promised your customer instead of giving them an excuse of why their windows still look stained after you've cleaned them.

discover... easy to learn, glass restoration techniques, that even most pros don't know about. you'll literally be able to produce better window cleaning results than most of your competitors!

not only can you -- easily charge $100+ per hour from the restoration system you'll learn but, you're simply going to be a more knowledgeable - higher quality window cleaner than other window cleaners in your area!

and the best part is...

"window cleaning secrets exposed" glass restoration system is downloadable so you can start learning immediately!

window cleaning ebook"window cleaning secrets exposed" is an interactive, downloadable ebook that supplies you with the skills necessary to restore corroded glass to it's original luster...

...by using easy-to-apply professional glass restoration techniques!

learn through my comprehensive system, that features the following window glass restoration video lessons...


watch, listen and learn how to:



glass restoration video identify and remove mineral deposits, glass oxidization and other environmental pollutants, safely from window glass.



glas sealing videolearn how to stop problem stains from reoccurring by applying a micro-thin polymer glass coating to exterior window glass surfaces.


restore your customers glass to 'crystal clarity' by learning how to identify problem stains, and step-by-step professional procedures to clean cloudy glass and remove hard water deposits using the proper tools and chemicals

learn how to remove stickers from glass, how to remove paint from glass, how to remove decals from glass, all types of construction debris -- without scratching glass

discover... how to remove window tint. learn exclusive window tint removal techniques used by professional auto window tint specialists

learn the "do's and do not's" of using glass scrapers

learn how to identify 'fabricating debris' in tempered glass and what precautions are needed to remove stains on glass with 'glass fines'

before i tell you how much it's going to cost, let me tell you how much it will cost you if you don't learn these secrets from me.

your going to have to go through trial and error and possibly wreck some of your customers expensive windows before you learn the techniques i've spent years researching and developing. and if - you - have to replace your customer's windows caused by your improper glass restoration procedures, you can end up owning your customer a ton of money.

you can bypass that risk and immediately be able to produce crystal windows, for your customers, for $94.

you know what? scratch that. as an "introductory launch", grab it now for a limited time, at half-price. i don't know how long i can afford to leave the price at $47, but for now, enjoy the savings!

at your first glass restoration job, you can price your job to earn $100 - $150 per hour. within 20 to 30 minutes of restoring glass, you will easily cover the cost of getting this valuable glass restoration system.

i believe the window cleaning secrets exposed system is the best product of it's kind on the market.

but, don't take my word for it... here's what others have to say:


"i downloaded your window cleaning videos and ebook... and let me say it was well worth the little price tag, you should really raise your price." - tim woessner

"great videos! they made pros out of my staff." - tim conroy conroy cleaning services, inc.

"awesome! that is exactly what i needed! - craig christy

"the window washing techniques are a real time saver and there is nothing better than seeing it in action with andy's video demonstrations!!" - chris cochran squeegee-clean

"the videos are outstanding and a great asset to my business. who would have thought washing windows would be this easy!" - kevin lowe

* claim four super bonuses *

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i must warn you: the following 3 super bonuses are available to you absolutely free! on a "first come - first served" basis...

...the following 3 bonuses must be claimed within the next 72 hours to guarantee you'll receive these limited time - free extras. *if you return to this page in the future and it's gone -- the offer no longer exists.

bonus report #1

"easy-to-learn professional window cleaning techniques"

(a $77.00 value -- but yours free!)

watch, listen and learn how to:

window cleaning videoclean small windows with a beginning level "2 stroke window cleaning" method



window cleaning video clean 1/2 moon shaped windows



window cleaning video clean oval shaped windows



window cleaning videoclean store front sized windows



window cleaning video clean windows via an extension ladder



window cleaning videolearn advanced window cleaning methods using the "super swirl" method


window cleaning videolearn advanced window cleaning methods using the "x" method on small horizontal windows


these video lessons break down the window cleaning technique with "slow motion photography".


"i downloaded your window cleaning videos about 2 weeks ago. i have since doubled what i can do in a day. no more vertical or horizontal strokes or buffing off glass... it's brilliant!" - brendan

"your window cleaning videos have doubled my speed & doubled my fun!" - ivan sims

"...a practical / effective way to clean glass fast with minimum motion ...reasonably priced." - ted tracewicz


bonus report #2

"how to avoid the 9 most common window cleaning mistakes"

(a $37.00 value -- but yours free!)

avoid damaging your customers windows by learning the most common mistakes pros make when cleaning windows

learn why metal screens can oxidize window glass and how to remedy the problem - forever

learn how to avoid hard water stains caused by tap water and how to help your customer prevent further damage to their window glass

you'll learn why a common dishwashing sponge can do irreplaceable damage to windows and learn professional - safe - techniques to remove food particles and other cooking debris from glass


super bonus #3

"window screen cleaning techniques video lesson"

(a $27.97 value -- but yours free!)


screen cleaning videolearn - on video - how to clean window screens with professional low impact techniques that will not harm screens and will produce lint-free results...

...screens so clean, you'll hardly notice there installed!


super bonus #4

"window cleaning resources on the world wide web"

(a $47 value -- but yours free!)

you'll have a comprehensive list of window cleaning web sites you can 'click through' to receive further information on:

1. window cleaning supply companies

2. manufacturers of window cleaning, glass restoration and glass sealing chemicals and equipment

3. how glass and mirrors are made videos

4. tips on starting and growing a window cleaning business

i've done all the research for you so...

...you can save yourself countless hours searching the web for the best window cleaning resource sites.

you'll fully realize the potential to access vast amounts of window cleaning information within this electronic book and video system by simply clicking on the web links within.

you'll have instant access, with a click of your mouse, to all of the video lessons and window cleaning resources on the web.

and -- if you'd like to get comfortable and read this system in you easy chair, your ebook is printer friendly. simply print any of the pages or chapters of your ebook, and read it at your convenience.


that's more than four times the value
... yours at no additional cost!

remember, the window cleaning secrets exposed system is downloadable. that means, you won't have to wait for this information to be sent in the mail. you'll receive downloading instructions immediately following order confirmation!...

...so you can start learning now. and provide your customers spotless, beautiful windows today, without having to be in the embarrassing position of explaining to your customer, why their windows are still stained after you've cleaned them.

but, you need to act within the next 72 hours to receive the super bonuses.

and to prove that i'm serious about helping you learn and apply all of the window cleaning, glass restoration and glass sealing techniques within this system...

...i'm going to put my money where my mouth is:

"learn how to restore windows to crystal clarity or
pay nothing" guarantee!

i'm so confident that "window cleaning secrets exposed" is the absolute 'best' product of it's kind on the market, i'm willing to take all the risk when you order.

my guarantee is very simple...

"take 100 days to try out every aspect of "window cleaning secrets exposed" . and, if you haven't learned how to clean and restore glass to perfection, i'll return your $47 investment. simply email or call me for a 100% complete refund."

no questions - no hassles

in the next 5 minutes... you can start learning step-by-step, glass restoration and sealing techniques -- used by the pros -- and double or even triple your window cleaning profits now

so don't wait! claim copy of "window cleaning secrets exposed" to start learning how to make your own windows shine with streak-free results that are guaranteed...

and don't forget: to receive the four super bonuses valued $188.97, you must claim your copy in the next 72 hours.

your price today is $47




window cleaning secrets exposed ebook

you have 100 days to try out every aspect of your "window cleaning secrets exposed" ebook / video system... from removing water spots, restoring glass shower doors and windows, removing window tint and sealing glass, to producing picture perfect windows. if you are not 100% convinced in 100 days, just send it back.

so, what are you waiting for? sign up right now -- and claim your four super bonuses (valued at $188.97 but yours free!) before it's too late.

even though i'm extremely busy, i love to hear from my customers. feel free to email me anytime, and let me know how my window cleaning and glass restoration system has benefited you.

andy engstrom
iwca certified window cleaner

p.s. to claim the 4 super bonuses valued at $188.97 (yours free!), be sure to claim your copy of "window cleaning secrets exposed" for the next 72 hours only!

p.p.s. after you've completed the online order process, simply check your email and you'll receive complete downloading instructions within 5 minutes of order confirmation. this ebook / video pack is pc compatible as well it runs on mac's with pc emulating software. plus, all of the videos are encoded in 'flash video' format so they load and play instantly!

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