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window cleaning chemical samples. copyright andy engstromoften i get asked about my opinion on a variety of window cleaning tools, supplies and chemicals ...

... which is part of what i do here at free window cleaning tips, give advice and opinions.

but ultimately you'll need to create your own conclusions based on your own experiences. and there is no better way to gain experience and exposure, than to try free window cleaning chemical samples when manufacturers are willing to share them with you.

(pictured), are a variety of 1 ounce sized, chemical samples that i've asked manufacturers to send me. most of the samples shown are from titan laboratories, located in mtn view, california.

today, i called alan at titan labs and asked if i could share his window cleaning product samples with you, my newsletter subscribers ... he said, "sure! but andy, please don't give them the 1-800 number. instead, have your readers go to my website and use the 'request information' form instead. that way i won't get a flood of calls all at once! i can process their sample requests using the form, and get their samples mailed to them".

take a moment right now and request free window cleaning chemical samples from titan at this web page:

you'll have an opportunity to sample chemicals from titan that can remove a variety problem spots from window glass including:

  1. cement
  2. adhesives
  3. stickers
  4. tree pitch
  5. sealcoats
  6. mineral deposits
  7. screen burn
  8. caulking
  9. rust
  10. scale
  11. lime
  12. soap scum

if you'd like to read more about the window cleaning and glass restoration products titan labs manufactures, visit their web site at:

i don't make a penny by promoting these chemicals. i simply want to give you some great, free window cleaning info in every article, here at

thanks for your support!

- andy

newsletter replies:

hi andy,

thanks for all the requests. we have gotten around 70 requests for window cleaning chemical samples through your website and newsletter.

titan laboratories was recently sold to a new owner.  attached is the press release confirming the sale.  please consider sharing this with your readers.


-alan noah (titan labs) 


july 15, 2011
for immediate release
phone 650-965-9900  fax 650-964-4400  email jamie [at]

titan laboratories announces new president

titan laboratories, in mountain view, california, announces that james (jamie) smith has become the new president and chief executive officer as of april 1, 2011.  he replaces former president and member of the founding group harvey berger. 

 “i am very excited for the future of titan laboratories and the wonderful opportunity that is ahead of us.”  “titan laboratories has an outstanding reputation and a solid distributor network of partners that i hope to enhance and strengthen.”  titan’s former owner and president harv berger will stay on for two years as a consultant.  “harv has built a great company and i am looking forward to working with him and learning from his extensive knowledge in all of the industries that we serve.”

harv acknowledges that,  “jamie brings a diverse background to titan laboratories.  he has experience in distribution and sales as well as experience in the housing industry which allows him to relate very well to the different industries that titan serves. jamie brings a good understanding of supplier-distributor relations and how we can better serve and support our loyal customer base.  i look forward to working with him in my new consulting role.”

titan laboratories is a leading supplier of industrial cleaning agents used in the flooring, paving, window cleaning, roofing, adhesive removal and other industries.  the company has been in business since 1984 and sells through a vast network of professional distributors.

more information on titan laboratories can be found at


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