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eliminate business down time by taking your window cleaning business inside during foul weather

i love to save interior window cleaning for rainy or snowy seasons! for instance, if you have, or want to create, window washing accounts with restaurants, hotels, offices, stores, any kind of commercial building...

...focus on cleaning those accounts exterior windows during good weather and save the interiors for bad weather days.

and... scheduling interior window cleaning during fowl weather days can also provide you, or your employees, a safer work environment by bringing work inside and saving the difficult exterior access work until weather conditions permit.

as professional window cleaners, it's sometimes easy to forget that more than 50% of the window glass in the world is on the inside of buildings -- thus providing a huge opportunity for creating new sales so...

...during the course of this article, i'm going to help you brain storm a list of interior window cleaning activities that can help generate new accounts and eliminate potential business down time.

let's start with...

1. schedule store interior window cleaning

whenever the season is slow for store owners, it's a great time to offer interior window cleaning. in many cases, there will be displays and other window arrangements that need to be moved out, and moved back into place during the interior window cleaning procedure.

these window displays can make accessing the glass tough, especially when the store is crowded with consumers. so, offering your services during foul weather, when the store's customer volume is low, will be appreciated by the owner and may help you gain a profitable, long term relationship with the store.

this sales technique also works well with hotels, motels, vacation rentals, bed and breakfast's... any interior window cleaning jobs that can be done at a time that limits disruption of that businesses customers.

after all, you are trying to provide a positive experience for your customer, not a negative impact on their business!

right now merchants are buzzing like busy bees trying to sell as much merchandise as possible during the holiday shopping season. but, right after christmas, many merchants will be reorganizing their stores by moving displays and returning unsold or overstocked merchandise. that's the time for you to strike a deal!...

... the perfect moment to arrange to clean their interior windows.

2. schedule hotel, motel interior window cleaning

right after the holidays, when hotels and motels customer volume drops and access to vacant rooms increases, is another profitable window cleaning opportunity for you to grab! hotel interior's can also offer a larger volume of work and income than store interiors. this makes them more desirable and should be placed higher, made a priority, on your list of potential customers to contact.

3. schedule large commercial interior atriums

how about going after big moneys interior accounts using manlifts, scaffolding or other access equipment to clean huge interior atriums? right now i'm bidding on an interior atrium job worth $1,000's! what better way is there to get out of the cold and into the cash, than to acquire large business interior window cleaning accounts?

brain storm and activate your fowl weather window cleaning list

the object of this article is to help you "brain storm" all of the interior window cleaning possibilities in your area. take a few minutes and write down a list of ways to produce window cleaning cash during bad weather days.

next, take your new list and prioritize it by contacting the best, most profitable prospects first, and follow through until all possibilities have been exhausted.

if you've done a good job brain storming, your bad weather list should help bring you all of the work you need, or want this winter!

best wishes... i'll see you on the streets cleaning windows!


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