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10 ways you can exceed your window cleaning customer's expectations, and get more repeat business and more referrals

tip # 1 - follow up with your customers after a window cleaning by sending them a heart felt greeting card, showing them how much you appreciate them.

tip # 2 - send special gifts, like cookies, brownies and gift cards, to the customers who have been loyal to you.

tip # 3 - treat your best customers to lunch. this is not only a great way to show your appreciation but, also a great 'gateway' into their network of friends, family and business associates. if fact, have them bring a friend!

tip # 4 - have a 'customer appreciation' party. and to make your customers want to be next years 'top referrer', bring this year's top referring customer to the party in a chartered limousine!

tip # 5 - give away window cleaning tools and tips to your window cleaning customers. some of your regular customers like to clean their own interior windows. take a moment to give them a few window cleaning tips. give them a free squeegee rubber if needed.

tip # 6 - maintain a clean jobsite. everything about your business should say, "i love clean". keep your company truck washed. come to a jobsite well dressed and well groomed. and make sure not to leave garbage behind.

tip # 7 - tear down the 'walls of business' and welcome your customers into your family. send your customers vacation, holiday and other family activity 'pictures and stories' as they happen. this helps build the connection between you and your customers in a way that other businesses can't compete with.

tip # 8 - reinforce the referral action. if you want more referrals, make sure to immediately 'reward' a referring customer with a special 'thank you note', a phone call, or even better - gifts.

tip # 9 - send out birthday cards. imagine what it feels like when a customer gets a birthday card, from their window cleaner, and their own family members forgot to remember her!

tip # 10 - do all of the above on a regular basis. practice staying in touch with your customers and show them how much you appreciate them.

using this technique is called, "appreciation marketing". appreciation marketing is a 'win-win' for both you and your window cleaning customers. you get the satisfaction of 'doing right' by your customers and they get showered with warm thoughts of appreciation that makes them feel remembered.

and along the way, your customers will be proud to refer you to their friends, because they know, if you've treated them this well, you'll exceed their friends expectations as well.

- andy

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