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when it comes to creating trust and credibility between you and your potential window cleaning customers, nothing helps guarantee a sale better than offering your prospects free valuable information on how they can, with your help, protect their window glass investment...

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as you may recall, last may i released my brand new electronic "ebusiness card"... a digital business card i created specifically to help attract high paying customers for window cleaning business owners and persons interested in learning how to start a window cleaning business.

my new marketing tool is called...

"9 ways to protect your window glass investment ~~ improve your view... and, save $1,000's in expensive window replacement costs"

it's an easy to read, short ebook your prospects will love. the best part is, upon receiving your free gift, many will thank you by hiring you to clean their windows.

before, i continue to show you how this incredible digital e-business card can dramatically boost your window cleaning profits, you need to read the books contents so you can feel confident giving it to your prospects. take a couple of minutes and download a sample window cleaning promotional ebusiness card by clicking on this link:

*this book runs on all pc's and pc compatible mac computers.

here's a quick list of the window cleaning tips covered in your promotional cd:

#1 - just say "no" to abrasive nylon pads

#2 - do not use razor blades on dry glass

#3 - painting?... cover windows in plastic

#4 - the importance of routine window cleaning

#5 - rearrange sprinkler systems

#6 - do not clean windows with a garden hose

#7 - replace or remove metal window screens

#8 - glass sealant!

#9 - homemade window cleaning recipes can damage glass

finished reading my sample ebusiness card?... good!

imagine giving your potential customers this ebook, with your picture, your business name, and most importantly -- your telephone number contained within! this ebook is designed to quickly establish you as a credible, knowledgeable window glass maintenance expert. of course, it'll will be important for you to completely understand the information in your promotional e-business card... your new customers are relying on it!

you'll be responsible for knowing the basic window cleaning concepts, and how and why to apply them when your customers start calling. luckily, understanding these concepts is "no problem" because, i will teach you these window cleaning concepts with step by step instruction.

if you'd like my help, you can get all my business building tips, apply for free business mentoring and i'll also create your own customized e-business card for free here: window washing business startup tips

what makes this information such a great promotional tool?

and, why will it 'out sell' your competitions business card or business brochure every time?

answer: this tool enables you to give your prospects free window care information with 'no obligation' to buy.

the problem with 99% of your competitors paper business cards, brochures, and other forms of advertising is, the advertisement focus too much on 'why their service is so wonderful'... and neglect to focus on -- solving -- customer needs!

when your potential customers read your advertisements they need to know... "what's in it for them?!... it's absolutely necessary to focus on helping folks solve their window cleaning dilemma and not to tell people your business is #1... because frankly, everyone says they're #1 and customers no longer care for that type of commercial boasting!

that's why giving this free promotional cd is such a powerful lead generator and why it will help you attract hundreds of new customers to your window cleaning business!

how, and who, do you give this promotional cd to?

1. hand out your promotional cd like candy to anyone interested in maintaining their window glass, i.e.. potential residential and commercial window cleaning customers.

2. post a link to your promotional cd on your business website and have potential customers download it.

3. post a link to your promotional cd in an email you can send to friends and family and ask them to forward your email to friends who'd like clean windows.

4. display an internet address where your customers can download their copy on your window cleaning business cards, newspaper ads, telephone directory... all forms of advertising!

5. print and hand out your promotional information to potential customers.

and remember, once i've customized your promotional ebook with your picture, name, address, service area and telephone number... i'll host your book at a special address at this website so you'll always have an internet address to point your customers to even if you don't have a your own website.

for example, here's a "permanent link" to a promotional cd i created for a new window cleaning business owner... (yes, it's tom's real download link he'll have for as long as he operates his business):

pretty cool! and, like you, tom can distribute his promotional ebook and create instant credibility and sales because he's giving his customers something of value for free... and they are rewarding tom by having hiring him to clean their windows.

your promotional cd follows the same principle that makes this web site a business success; i create trust and credibility every month with you by providing 'no strings attached' free window cleaning tips. and in return, you consider ordering my instructional window cleaning ebooks, videos, and supplies... it's that simple.

in conclusion:

focus on solving your customers window cleaning problems and they will reward you. you don't need to be the cheapest window cleaner on the block, you need to be perceived as a knowledgeable glass maintenance expert that can solve their dirty window dilemma.

remember, your customers are always asking... "what's in it for me"? answer that question and you'll be on your way to creating a highly successful window cleaning business. to learn how you can have me, create your own "customized" promotional cd, for absolutely free, click here: window cleaning ebusiness card


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