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quick start guide to window cleaning profits - wealth building system

discover... the fastest way to start a window cleaning business with the most comprehensive ebook / video training system available ... your "quick start guide to window cleaning profits"!

within this 32 chapter business system, you'll learn everything from how to create your first sale and marketing your new window cleaning business to pricing window cleaning jobs to earn at least $70 per hour cleaning windows.

included are 25 window cleaning video lessons teaching you how to professionally use window cleaning tools in a variety of job site applications i.e.. basic window cleaning to advanced super swirl squeegee techniques, screen cleaning, sunroom window cleaning, ladder safety...

there's also (3) commercial flyers, (1) business card, (2) door hangers, (1) bulletin board flyer, and (1) web site template included in your kit.

you'll also receive all 5 super bonuses if you act now... a 5 chapter pricing guide, an 8 chapter ebook highlighting profitable 'add-on services', (1) ebusiness card, a subscription to the free window cleaning tips newsletter and 6 months of business mentoring and support.

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high rise window cleaning instruction

"finally! high rise window cleaning instruction from a certified (rds) window cleaner! download "extreme window cleaning", an '8 video chapter guide' - and learn rope descent systems window cleaning!

within this system you'll learn...

  1. learn the most efficient way to transport your rig to buildings roof
  2. how to modify a convertible hand-truck to carry your complete rope descent system
  3. how to overcome roof access issues
  4. discover how to setup your roof rig properly
  5. osha's counter weight formula and how to apply the formula to your rig and your hoist load
  6. the i-14 window cleaning safety standard for portable support devices
  7. how to roll your rig over roof top obstructions
  8. what supplies are needed to create an effective barricade
  9. how to setup barricades to protect the general public and other workers
  10. the i-14 window cleaning safety standard for barricades
  11. when to consider posting "no parking" signs or close access to a street
  12. learn each component of your rds, how they work together, and how to completely setup for descents
  13. understand anchorages and the osha regulations that govern safe rigging practices
  14. what's the safe alternative when anchorages are not present on a building and what you absolutely do not want to tie-off to
  15. learn how to rappel in a safe environment by creating your own indoor training
  16. an in-depth look at your main suspension line and how it integrates with a cylinder descending device, carabiner, and bosuns chair
  17. how to put on your full body harness, bosun's chair, and attach yourself to your main suspension line for descents
  18. discover self rescue procedures, in a safe environment, during indoor training practices
  19. learn how to integrate your safety line, rope grab, lanyard, carabiner, and full body harness to create a fall arrest backup system
  20. tie in to your main suspension line and fall arrest system and practice descending
  21. an in-depth look at descending and cleaning in a variety of real, on locations high rise window cleaning job sites
  22. how to use suction cups, screen clamps, tool bungee's, extension poles, and rope protectors
  23. when it's safe to use horizontal movement
  24. understanding wind direction and the pendulum effect
  25. how to overcome unusual landing zone obstacles
  26. the criteria your roof rig must meet in order to counter an unusual outward force
  27. how to prepare your gear after a descent to get set for the next descent

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window cleaning secrets exposed! ebook and video training system

never let your customers down again! finally... a comprehensive ebook / video training system for new window cleaners...

window cleaning secrets exposed is a comprehensive window cleaning techniques ebook / video system that covers everything from basic and advanced window cleaning skills to how to remove stickers, paint and decals from glass, from professional glass restoration techniques including removing hard water stains, glass oxidization, cleaning cloudy glass, to sealing glass for your customers!

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an insiders guide to window cleaning pricing ebook

an "insiders guide to window cleaning pricing" shows you practical techniques to start earning at least $70 per hour cleaning windows...

an insiders guide to window cleaning pricing is designed help you fix poor pricing results and get you on the fast track to earning more window cleaning today! here's a few of this 5 chapter ebook's highlights:

  1. how to earn $70 per hour cleaning windows
  2. learn exactly how much your competition is bidding jobs
  3. how to get paid while driving between jobs
  4. learn the difference between a pre-qualified and non-qualified customers and how to sell to them
  5. how to make small jobs as profitable as large jobs
  6. how to make store front jobs profitable
  7. how to price different sized windows
  8. how to bid and win government contracts

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window cleaning with manlifts


"man lifts and the mid-rise window cleaning market: the ultimate money making machines" ebook / videos system is specialized information designed to teach window cleaning business owners how to expand their business profit potential with the use of boom lifts.

ebook features:
  1. how to price man lift window cleaning jobs and make up to $133 an hour
  2. (5) how to video lessons of real world man-lift operations
  3. how to operate man-lifts and operator safety tips
  4. where to rent and how much they cost
  5. how to create lucrative sales incentives
  6. how to troubleshoot difficult job sites and...
  7. 5 independent on location case studies

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