print this page first, then...

...follow these instructions to download iwca award winning photo: after printing instructions click here to go to iwca-awardwinningphoto. once there,

1) "right click" over image
2) select "save page as..."
3) select save in "desktop"

after download is complete, you'll see an "iwca-awardwinningphoto.htm" icon on your desktop. at this point, you'll...

1) click on "start" icon located lower left corner of your pc
2) scroll up to "settings" and mouse over to "control panel"
3) select "display"
4) select "background" folder
5) select "browse". that will open a dialog box that says open - look in
6) select "desktop". from there
7) find "iwca-awardwinningphoto.htm" and select
8) click "open"
9) and the last step, click "apply" and you are finished.

background image looks best at 1024 x 768 screen resolution. photo copyright 2003 volitar industries. all rights reserved.