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in this economic climate, here's 4 free window cleaning tips to keep your business growing

in this economic climate, where some customers are tightening their purse strings, it's no wonder i'm getting emails from readers asking advice on how to keep the cash flowing into their window cleaning businesses.

here's 4 ways to help keep your window washing business growing and profiting ...

1. diversify your markets

many of the window cleaners i've surveyed have positioned their businesses exclusively in the low rise residential and low rise commercial window cleaning markets. although these 2 markets cover a lot of ground, they may not be enough to safe-guard their businesses to potential cut-backs in customer demand.

the first thing i'd suggest is to broaden your markets to include all 4 of the major window cleaning markets:

  1. low rise residential
  2. low rise commercial
  3. mid rise
  4. high rise

note: normally i'd add 'post construction' as the fifth major market, but with the reduced demand in the building sector in the current economy, i'm not going to add it into the equation.

so, for now let's look at these 4 markets. think of your future business as you would in this 'pie chart'. you ultimately want a balanced portfolio of customers in the following markets, (high rise, mid-rise, residential, and low rise commercial.

diversified window cleaning accounts

(the above pie chart is a rough model of my business and how it is currently structured).

if you balance your business between these markets, it allows a safe-guard. if one market begins to fail, the others will allow stability in your business earnings.

if you are too heavily invested in one market, like a high concentration of earnings from cleaning store fronts, and store owners start to cut-back on the number of cleaning rotations, you could find yourself in a downward spiral.

now i don't want to push you into high access window cleaning if you're not ready to take this step or it's outside of your comfort zone but, high rise and mid rise work can offer a broader and ultimately safer place for your business to financially prosper.

one misconception about entering the mid rise market is window cleaners assume they have to own a manlift in order to contract mid rise work. this is false. you simply rent a aerial lift from your local heavy equipment rental company and add the cost to your customer's bill.

window cleaning with man lift

to learn more about how you can use manlifts to expand your window cleaning operations ...

... click here.

if you're not ready for mid rise and high rise work, there are other ways to continue building a profitable business. make sure you...

2. always have more work than you can handle

of course this is easier said than done but, ultimately you want to achieve so many customers on your list that you can't handle to demand during the course of a window cleaning season.

in the chart, you'll notice the "dots" outside the main circle. these dots represent customers that are not in the 'active list' of customers you have time to get to, these are customers on your "inactive list".

the inactive list contains those accounts that don't regularly call every year but are still available to add to your active list if you need to fill holes in your schedule. these inactive accounts are the perfect safe-guard for your window washing business if regular accounts begin to fail.

and, if you are thinking about adding an employee or two into your business operations, you'll want to have an ample amount of inactive customers on your list before risking adding new employees.

eventually, inactive customers will call for window cleaning. case in point. one of my old inactive high rise accounts, that had not had their windows cleaned in 7 years, finally called this last summer and scheduled a cleaning. yes, i had to push some customers back in my schedule, but it was worth it to bring back this high paying account into my active list.

in the pie chart you'll also notice that some 'dots' are bigger than others. this represents the difference in the amount of money the accounts are worth. so, adding 1 high rise account is very attractive when it equals the income having to add in 10 to 15 residential customers...

... diversify and conquer!

another thing to consider is...

3. not everyone can afford window cleaning

not everyone can afford a professional window cleaning, that's an important fact new window cleaners need to know. if you are trying to attract folks that can't afford professional services, you'll have to price your window cleaning so low that you'll seriously jeopardize the financial well being and stability of your new business.

i'll happily take several "no thank you's" to get the best customers that can not only afford my prices, but are also the type of clients who are not effected by economic conditions and who have disposable sources of income.

sure, when you're just starting a new window cleaning business, you're tempted to offer estimates to new customers that are too low in price. fear of rejection and no work possibly spurs on the last minute decision to offer a low price.

but, in the long run you may regret having to go back to these customers when they call in the future. because the price you set now is what the customer will expect in the future and if you 'miss the right price' by a mile, you'll have a tough time adjusting the mistake later.

so, i personally will take several 'no thank you's" from potential customers to find the few that can afford my prices. this way i only fill my list with accounts that pay a minimum of $70 per hour.

$70 per hour is my minimum price for low rise work.

$90 per hour is my minimum for mid rise and high rise window cleaning accounts.

i won't accept work that pays less than my minimums. i've got better, more productive things to do with my time.

here's one more note:

when you offer the low price you are attracting 'price based' customers. what i teach my students is to attract the 'image based' customers, the type of customers that want quality and service and are ready and willing to pay the higher price.

so if you are making anything less than $70 an hour cleaning windows, even in this economic climate, you may want to rethink your business strategy.

there are sales techniques that i use to target 'price based customers' that still allow me to make my $70 per hour minimum. we'll talk about strategies to create 'bulk sales' next.

4. use proven marketing strategies

recently i've released 2 special reports that describe in full detail, how to attract new customers to your window cleaning business.

the "ultimate sales pitch" is designed to help you attract high paying 'image based' customers.

"how to create successful block discounts" is designed to help you attract 'price based customers' by offering reduced price, bulk sale incentives. this block discount technique allows you to add several new customer to your list all at once.

you can read more about these special reports below.



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i'll see you on the streets cleaning windows,


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