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hi i’m andy engstrom, owner of and the creator of the quick start guide to window cleaning profits system.

in this month’s video newsletter, we’re going to take a look at how to effectively modify a couple of the window cleaning business sales templates available in the window cleaning profits system.

  1. window cleaning business flyer
  2. window cleaning business card

the purpose of this tutorial is to help you effectively modify these templates so they are ready to use, and help you immediately start generating sales for your business.

let’s take a look modifying 1 of the window cleaning flyers in this business kit.

how to attract the readers attention:

as you can see, this flyer is designed for high impact. it’s bright, warm colors immediately attract the eye and draw attention to it’s message. the headline, “got dirty windows?” which is my trademark, asks the basic question which most people will answer, yes!


window cleaning business flyer


the importance of white space:

the squeegee silhouette against the soap and baby blue background further impresses the viewer, and continues to reinforce the fact that you provide professional window cleaning services.

it also creates what publishers call, “white space”. this is essentially blank space, which helps focus the readers eye to the areas of ad copy you want to emphasize.

you always want to avoid creating ads that are “copy heavy”.

the only time you want a copy heavy ad is when you are selling insurance… which we are not. we’re selling window cleaning and we want a clean, copy light ad, to help us sell a clean service.

get to the point:

i can’t tell you how many times i’ve seen advertising that left me confused as to “what” the ad was trying to sell. make sure your advertisements are clear and to the point. tell the reader what services you provide and give them information on how to contact you.

this template also adds the words, “free estimates” enclosed in a bright yellow sunburst. this reassures the reader that there is “no obligation” to buy when they call and ask about the window cleaning services you provide.

creating a flyer for my son:

about a week ago, my son called me and told me he was ready to start his own window cleaning business in kentucky.

i offered to modify the templates in the window cleaning profits system for him so he could start using them to promote his new business.

this is how i arranged his business information within the flyer template.

i added his…

  1. contact telephone number
  2. name
  3. business name
  4. address
  5. the words “licensed and insured”

these elements are added to the "spacer bar" i specifically designed into this template for ad copy. i would suggest not adding any text into the "white space" area. although, i admit, i did add his website address into the white space.

branding your window cleaning business:

and perhaps most important element of all is adding your image to the flyer. when you add a picture of yourself in your ads, along with all forms of correspondence, you are using a marketing technique called, “branding”.

you are branding yourself as the person a prospect can identify with, which reassures the prospect that you are friendly as well as legit.

i've taken the same elements and created a...

window cleaning business cardwindow cleaning business card:

this is a vertical business card which is somewhat unique because most business cards are laid out horizontal. you don't have to use a vertical business card, but it will help people remember you and help you stand out from other competing businesses.

i've taken these same design elements and created a window cleaning website for brick. if you'd like to see a site that has ad copy that is designed to sell, check out brick's website at:


to get more info on my quick start guide to window cleaning profits system, and how it can help you drive customers into your window cleaning business - fast, please log on to .

i want to personally wish you the very best of success this year.

i’ll see you on the streets cleaning windows!

- andy engstrom





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