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if i call you right now, are you ready to book my window cleaning business?

customer calls window cleaning businessif your answer is "yes", you are excused from class today.

if you answered "no", then here is your wake-up call.

(brrrrringg ... are you there?)

over the last decade, i've called window cleaning business owners from around the world. and there was always one thing in common when calling...

... right around 9 out of 10 window cleaners ** did not ** answer their phone! and, i'm not calling after work hours, i'm calling during the typical 9am - 5pm business hours of operation.

note: if safety is a concern, when your phone rings, i. e.. (your at the top of a 32' ladder), do not answer the phone.

but, i know - that - couldn't be the case the 9 out of 10 times i called - very frustrating for me. and, very frustrating for your potential window washing customers as well!

question: what happens when potential window cleaning customers call, and you're not available to book their service request?

answer: they call the next window cleaning company on their list... your competition.

you just lost a sale!

ouch! that hurts, considering how much time and money you've poured into marketing your window cleaning business.

the "quick shop" test:

large companies hire a 'testing service' to call their sales associates and rate each sales person on whether (he or she) is available to book their business "right now".

this is called a "quick shop".

when a quick shop happens, the sales person doesn't know whether or not the call is coming from a real customer. the sales person will simply "pass or fail" the quick shop test depending on whether they are 'ready or not' to book the business when the call comes in.

large company's use these tests to reward good sales behavior or improve poor sales performance.

what about your window cleaning business?

i'm your potential customer, and i'm calling you right now to get my windows cleaned. are you ready to book my business?

the moral of the story:

answer your phone.


- andy

andy engstromabout the author: andy engstrom specializes in teaching real people how to start profitable window cleaning businesses that make $40,000 to $100,000 (or more) per year. discover how to start your own profitable window cleaning business << here


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