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top 10 window cleaning tips of 2007!

it didn't matter where my travels took me, over the last year i found dirty glass that desperately needed cleaning. and, where there's dirty windows... there's big money to be made cleaning them!

i visited large cities of phoenix arizona, honolulu hawaii, and minneapolis minnesota, louisville kentucky, to smaller communities flagstaff, poplar bluff, and kaunakakai. everywhere i traveled, i looked for window cleaning business opportunities.

and, in 100% of the places i traveled, there was more dirty glass than professional window washers to handle the demand.

so, if you've already started a window washing business, i'd suggest thinking less about your competition and more about obtaining new accounts. there's tons of "unclaimed" window cleaning accounts out there -- go get'em! so...

...if you want to get started in a window cleaning business, want to improve the success of your existing business, or just want the latest window cleaning tips, i've assembled the best window washing tips from my 2007 newsletters...

so, let's get started with my "top 10 countdown" best window cleaning tips of 2007:

window cleaning tip #10 -- learn how to instantly add 20% more to your yearly window cleaning profits with these 4 hot business building tips

during the course of this article, i'm going to show you how you can dramatically increase your window cleaning business profits by teaching you 4 hot business building tips!

i'm going to show you how to:

  1. add 20% to your yearly profits by raising the price of your window cleaning services.
  2. get paid every time you drive your automobile.
  3. increase your hourly rate by utilizing the latest speed window cleaning techniques.
  4. make up to $133 per hour by attracting the highest paying customers in the window washing business

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window cleaning tip #9 -- a window cleaner's tool belt! discover how this window cleaning essential helps produce greater workplace efficiency, higher profits, and can even save your life!

ladder safety tool beltas you may already know, some of the teachings from this website come from my 12 years of personal experiences as a professional window cleaner. but, there's much more than my personal experiences, i'm always researching new trends in the industry by visiting different window cleaning websites and talking to window cleaners one on one.

one trend i've noticed recently is extremely alarming...

...window cleaner's climbing ladders without the aid of a window cleaner's tool belt!during the course of this article, you'll discover how to use a tool belt to increase workplace efficiency, make more money, and minimize the risk of a life threatening fall.

read more here:

window cleaning tip #8 -- promote your window cleaning business by advertising in your local newspaper... for free!

photo copyright 2007 amanda gragert - capital city weeklywhen it comes to promoting your window cleaning business, there's nothing better to boost your sales and create instant credibility than a newspaper cover story featuring your cleaning business!

during the course of this article, i'm going to show you a handful of excellent, newsworthy ways, to get free press in your local newspaper.

let's start off with...

spring cleaning!

first off... a picture is worth a thousand words. spring cleaning is one of the several newsworthy reasons to call your local newspapers attention to your window cleaning service. after all, what single act better defines the season of spring than the act of cleaning.

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window cleaning tip #7 -- learn how creating 'standard pricing minimums' for your window cleaning business can keep you out of the poor house

operating a successful window cleaning business can be easy when you know what types of jobs to take and what type of jobs to avoid. in the following question, you'll learn if a certain type of store front window cleaning is right for your window washing business.

here's a question from one of my readers...

i had a chance to bid on the weekly interior / exterior window cleaning of 15 "fast food chain" restaurants. i bid $39 and lost to a $28 bid ... was i too high or were they to low?

a: according to my calculations, both bids were too low -- if -- you are planning on performing the work yourself!

later, i'll explain how the winning bid of $28 per restaurant can be a positive win for your competitor but, let's start by crunching the numbers...

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window cleaning tip #6 -- does your new window cleaning business need customers? discover... how to attract high paying customers now by taking an 'active' rather than 'passive' sales approach

if you are having a hard time attracting customers to your window cleaning business and don't know why, the problem may be easier to fix than you think.

the future of your new window cleaning business greatly depends on your ability to turn a 'potential customer' into a 'paying customer'.

but what do you do when no one is calling?...

...take an active role instead of a passive role when approaching potential customers.

i recently received the following question from a person having problems creating sales. in my reply, i give specific details on correcting his passive sales approach and turning
it into an active - winning - sales approach.

i am having a very difficult time getting customers for my window cleaning business. i have been passing out business cards everywhere and also have placed a sign on the back window of my truck without any phone calls from anyone. any suggestions?

a: i'd suggest going directly to the accounts you want and speaking directly to the property owner. don't chance your future on the hope folks will call the number on your
truck or business card.

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window cleaning tip #5 -- "window glass sealing! the ultimate in long lasting clean windows"

window glass sealant protectantsit doesn't matter whether you are a home owner or a professional window cleaner, adding a glass sealant to window glass exterior surfaces is the last step in creating long lasting, luxuriously clean windows!

if you want the best for your home windows, or want to offer your customers the ultimate luxury window cleaning service, discover how to add a glass sealant to finalize the exterior window cleaning process.

professional glass protectants are applied to window glass after the initial window cleaning has been finished to create a molecular barrier that repels:

> water
> airborne pollutants
> hard water

these polymer based sealants can also help reduce light scratches and reduce the chance of problem stains from reappearing after glass restoration procedures. but, there's more benefits to using a glass sealer than what's on this short list...

to learn more click here:

window cleaning tip #5 -- top 10 things you should know when you start a christmas light business

yep, it's christmas in july here at! because, now is the time to start looking at adding holiday lighting and decorating as a high profit seasonal service add-on to your existing window cleaning business.

why consider christmas lights now?

because, i want to give you adequate time to research and plan your sales and marketing strategy. in the next couple of months, late summer and early fall, you'll want to start talking to your existing window cleaning customers and lining up holiday lighting sales. and, you'll want to be sure to get your christmas lights ordered before supplies become scarce -- by november, 1st.

as you might recall from last year's article, a holiday lighting and decorating business can be a great way to:

  1. extend your window cleaning business's season
  2. add a new revenue source
  3. help retain employees during the off season
  4. and, is potentially a "less risky venture" because you can utilize your existing customer base to begin creating sales

to make sure you get the best information on christmas lights, and what they can do for your window washing business, i'm going to turn this article over to an expert in the field of christmas lighting and decorating - shellie gardner.

read the following article carefully because, shellie is going to reveal the...

to learn more click here:

window cleaning tip #4 -- how to prevent water damage when cleaning interior commercial and residential windows

recently i received the following question from a new window cleaner who's involved in my 6 month window cleaning business mentoring program. if you've never cleaned residential or commercial interior windows, you may wonder, as my student did...

in your august 2007 picture of the month you are shown cleaning an interior office windows. how can i help prevent water / cleaner from spilling all over the sill / floor?

using sea sponge to mop excess water from interior window sill. copyright volitar industries 2007a: when cleaning home or office interior windows, make sure to wring-out strip washer of excess water before applying to glass. because, "what" you put on glass is "what" will come off glass. the fact is... yes, your solution will puddle on sill after squeegeeing. what you want to avoid is the solution running over sill and down the wall. and, that requires using less water on glass. so use less solution on glass by sufficiently wringing out strip washer.

some water will puddle on sill after squeegeeing... no problem. mopping sills is one of the many things your sea sponge can do, (also known as a natural sponge). once you've mopped the sill, wring-out sea sponge into your bucket.

to learn more click here:

window cleaning tip #3 -- learn how to... skyrocket your window cleaning sales and create trust and credibility by offering hundreds of new, high-paying customers your own customized e-business card

when it comes to creating trust and credibility between you and your potential window cleaning customers, nothing helps guarantee a sale better than offering your prospects free valuable information on how they can, with your help, protect their window glass investment...

window cleaning e-business card...i'm talking about offering your potential customer a marketing tool so powerful it will beat your competitors business card hands down, every time!

as you may recall, last may i released my brand new electronic "ebusiness card",

...a digital business card i created specifically to help attract high paying customers for window cleaning business owners and persons interested in learning how to start a window cleaning business.

my new marketing tool is called...

"9 ways to protect your window glass investment ~~ improve your view... and, save $1,000's in expensive window replacement costs"

it's an easy to read, short ebook your prospects will love...

to learn more click here:

window cleaning tip #2 -- learn why the 'reminder call' sales technique is absolutely necessary to help quick start your new window cleaning business

even if i haven't personally started helping you quick start your own window washing business, it's extremely important to continue reading this article... the tips you're about to read can save you a lot of grief and money!

once you've been in business for at least 4 months, there's one surefire sales technique to help you generate $1,000's today... it's called the "reminder call".

the reminder call is a sales technique that involves calling previous customers and reminding them that it's time to get their windows cleaned again. and...

i'm going to show you how to use the reminder call technique to:

  1. generate repeat sales and lock in your customers for life
  2. provide your customers great service
  3. virtually eliminate your advertising costs
  4. create bonus sales with other related services

to learn more click here:

window cleaning tip #1 -- rain gutter cleaning... learn how to clean gutters professionally for no-less-than $60 per hour

andy engstrom cleaning a rain gutter. copyright 2005 volitar's the fall window cleaning season, which means it's a good time to offer rain gutter cleaning as an add-on service to create
additional profits from your new or existing customers.

as you've heard me mention before, there are many services you can offer your new or previous customers that compliment window cleaning. some are profitable and some are not. rain gutter cleaning is one of the services you can make at least $60 per hour performing.


1. necessity - cleaning is necessary for the gutter to function properly.

2. hazardous - it's a service most residential and commercial property owner can't perform safely

3. lack of safety training - employers must provide a "safe working environment" for employees. (us law) as a result, most commercial property owners are ill-equipped to provide the safety training their maintenance person or staff needs to use high access equipment like extension ladders, manlifts, ropes, carabiners, fall arrest devices etc...

during the course of this article, i'm going to show you how to:

  1. clean rain gutters
  2. what equipment to use
  3. ladder safety tips
  4. unclog down-spouts
  5. maximize on locations profits

to learn more click here:

best wishes in 2008... i'll see you on the streets cleaning windows!

if you're ready to start a window cleaning business and would like to learn all off my most profitable techniques and receive personalize 'one on one' coaching, click here:


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