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top 10 best window cleaning tips of 2006!

whether you are interested in starting your own window cleaning business, making your existing window washing business more profitable, or just want to learn how to improve your window cleaning skills...

...these 10 top best window cleaning tips of 2006 will get you on the right track!

during the course of this article, i'm going to highlight all of the hottest window cleaning tips from last year's newsletters...

specifically i'll show you:

  • how to prevent window glass degradation
  • how to remove moisture between thermal pane windows and prevent costly glass replacement
  • how to create huge profits during the christmas holiday season
  • the 6 essential supplies you'll need to pressure clean a roof
  • how to prevent heat related illness when window cleaning on hot days
  • how to safe guard your business with 3 professional window cleaners liability waivers
  • how getting your window cleaning business on-line can blow your competition away with 2 simple strategies
  • proper extension ladder safety and setup
  • how to make up to $133 per hour by attracting the highest paying customers in the window washing business
  • how to increase your profits and skills by learning the latest speed window cleaning techniques

so, let's get started with my "top 10 countdown" best window cleaning tips of 2006...

window cleaning tip #10 -- "why clean windows?"

the obvious reasons are:

  1. better view
  2. heat efficiency
  3. professional business image
  4. and for window cleaners... (income)!

many different types of people come to for info and advice on a variety of glass maintenance issues. the most basic concept of all, is the search for an understanding of why we clean windows in general.

beyond the obvious reasons, the most important reason for glass maintenance is degradation. glass will, over time, become permeated with a variety of contaminants:

  • hard minerals (from sprinkler systems and building run-off)
  • oxidization (from windows encased in metal frames and screens)
  • acid rain
  • sea spray
  • overspray (from paint, chalking, mortar and more)

in most cases item #1, hard mineral or hardwater is the biggest threat to most home and business owners...

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window cleaning tip #9 -- "got foggy glass? learn how to remove moisture between thermal pane windows and prevent costly glass replacement"

it has long been thought that once a window develops moisture between it's thermal panes, it has to be replaced in order to have clear glass. after all, how can you clean glass between the panes? how do you get the fog out?

during the course of this article i'll explain how moisture develops, what you can do about it and you'll also learn about a brand new service industry that caters to removing moisture between window panes...

to learn more click here:


window cleaning tip #8 -- "learn how to leverage your existing window cleaning business customers to create huge profits during the christmas holiday season"

during the holiday season, which is typically slow for window cleaning businesses, there's a relatively new service industry you can use to generate big money using your existing customer base.

as a window cleaner or window cleaning business owner, you know the late fall and winter month's can be slow on sales. generally, this time of year we either close-up shop, or layoff a portion of our staff to offset the lack of income flowing into our businesses. but, did you know...

...the holiday lighting and decorating industry has experienced an 800% growth over the last 6 years!...

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window cleaning tip #7 -- "6 essential supplies you'll need to pressure clean a roof"

pressure washing roofs presents a world of virtually endless financial opportunity...

...especially if you are the type that can see a need and then act to create a solution.

home and business owners alike, at some point in their building's life, will need their roof cleaned. not only for the reason of maintaining roof material integrity i.e.. (asphalt or cedar shingles) but, also for aesthetics (pleasing to the eyes).

to take advantage of this business opportunity you'll first need to know the 6 essential supplies to pressure wash a variety of organic contaminants like algae, mold and fungi off shingles...

to learn more click here:


window cleaning tip #6 -- "preventing heat related illness: window cleaning in high heat can knock you off your feet!"

window cleaning in direct sun exposure, high heat and humidity, is a recipe for heat related illness' such as heat exhaustion and heat stroke. during the course of this article, we'll look at ways to prevent, detect and cure the symptoms of heat illness.

as an aid in publishing accurate information, i've referenced articles from the following commercial web site's and united states government agency sites:

  1. united states department of health and human services - center for disease control and prevention
  2. new jersey department of health and senior services
  3. e medicine consumer health
  4. web md

people suffer heat-related illness when their bodies are unable to compensate and properly cool themselves...

to learn more click here:


window cleaning tip #5 -- "professional window cleaners liability waivers: 3 waivers you can use to safeguard your business assets from customer damage claims"

operating your own window cleaning business is not only financially rewarding but, it also allows several months free time off the job every year; time you can use to do as you please. this is because most window cleaning businesses are seasonal, only operating during the cleaning season.

therefore, it's important to take steps to ensure your finances and freedoms are safeguarded by the use of documents that will release your business from liability if damages occur on customer's window glass.

during the course of this article, i'll show you 3 liability waivers you can use to protect your business from financial damages caused by customers and construction companies suing you.

these are the 3 types of cleaning jobs that pose the highest risk to window cleaning companies...

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window cleaning tip #4 -- "discover how 'getting your window cleaning business on-line' can blow your competition away with 2 simple strategies"

recently, i did a search of window cleaning businesses in the state of california...
...i was absolutely "blown-away" from the results i found!

from the first 50 listings, only -- (3) -- window cleaning company's had a business website! and, (now here's the scary part), not a single one of those three sites had a "links" or "resources" page on their site!

what's wrong with this picture?

all 50 of these window cleaning businesses are missing out of loads of 'highly qualified' customers in their area.

people in your area are searching the internet for a professional window cleaning company on the daily basis and -- without an on-line presence -- your window cleaning company is invisible to their requests.

it boils down to this...

to learn more click here:


window cleaning tip #3 -- "extension ladder safety and setup"

perhaps "ladder safety" is an oxymoron...

...after all, window cleaning via extension ladders is dangerous. to avoid personal and property damage we need to take a close look at ladder safety procedures.

during the course of this article, i'll reference safety standards and regulations from the iwca, ansi, osha and cal osha. first, let's take a look at...

correct extension ladder setup:

prior to using an extension ladder, visually inspect and take the appropriate measures so that building features, such as window ledges, frames, entranceways and landscaping will not impair the safe climbing, descending and moving of a ladder.

step 1 - lay extension ladder flat on it's back with feet of the ladder butted up against building's wall. if a wall is not available, there are overhead obstructions, or other reasons you can't use building's wall to secure ladder, a second person can assist in setting up ladder. the second person takes the place of the wall by placing his or her foot on the bottom rung of the ladder and his or her other foot on one foot of the ladder.

step 2 - lift ladder's top while pushing forward to maintain pressure against building's wall. *don't perform ladder work if you are not mentally or physically capable of safely accomplishing the work. *lift with your legs, not your back...

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window cleaning tip #2 -- "make up to $133 per hour by attracting the highest paying customers in the window washing business!"

if you've been cleaning low rise commercial and residential windows and have maxed-out your earning potential...

...window cleaning via aerial platforms, (manlifts), will allow you to earn as much as 166% more than what you are making for work using ladders, extension poles and water fed poles! * this estimate is based on a $50 an hour average for ground and ladder work.

combining the ability to safely operate man lifts and the -- lack of competition -- allows you to approach building managers and owners with the expertise and knowledge to tackle jobs others in your area can't.

as a result...

to learn more click here:


window cleaning tip #1 -- "increase your skills and profits by learning the latest speed window cleaning techniques!"

increasing your earnings and skills can be as easy as applying the latest speed window cleaning techniques into your bag of tricks. here's a few tips that will shave time off each window you clean:

  1. minimize glass scrubbing
  2. use a glass scraper to remove everyday insect deposits and food particles
  3. just say "no" to excessive detailing
  4. learn how to use speed window cleaning techniques like the super swirl, and when and where to use the "x" squeegee method

minimize glass scrubbing:

why scrub any longer than necessary to produce a clean window. try making only 1 pass with your strip washer, then squeegee dry to check results.

if the glass is smeared, still has marks, you'll know you'll need to scrub glass longer at that particular job location. but, if the glass comes out clear, repeat the 1 pass method, save tons of time and increase your dollar per hour rate as well!

use a glass scraper to remove everyday insect deposits and food particles:

insect deposits, especially glass with heavy fly droppings, can be cleaned faster using a glass scraper than by scrubbing and scrubbing with a strip washer. in order for this technique to improve your time and make you money faster, the glass has to be free of fabricating debris and not be coated with a tint or mirroring effect.

insect deposits are common in high interiors residences where the customer has often left a window open during the summer.

other areas i'll use a razor blade for speed is during greasy kitchen window glass cleaning.

just say "no" to excessive detailing:

in most cases, if you've squeegeed the glass with advanced techniques like the "super swirl" or the "x" method, detailing the body of the glass will not be necessary.

and, only detail or "dry towel" window glass top and side edges -- if -- you suspect they'll release leftover water into body of window glass.

if you want to detail... time by detailing priority glass only! what i mean is...

...touch up glass edges with a dry micro fiber towel or chamois on residential "view windows", "kitchen windows" and "master bedroom windows" -- windows that are really important -- that have to be absolutely perfect.

learn how to use speed window cleaning techniques like the super swirl, and when and where to use the "x" squeegee method:

speed squeegee techniques can produce cleaner windows up to 5 times faster than using straight or side strokes!

if you are still using straight squeegee strokes to clean glass, learn how you can produce faster window cleaning results with my super swirl window cleaning videos!...

to learn more click here:

final thoughts

as you've just discovered, 2006 brought us many new developments in the world of window cleaning!

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