man lifts and the mid-rise window cleaning market: the ultimate money making machines
window cleaning with manlifts ebook

"discover... how to dominate the midrise market using manlifts and start earning $10,000's more each year cleaning windows!"


dear professional window cleaner,

did you know...

some of your future window cleaning customers will 'beg you' to clean their windows? no?

well, perhaps they won't beg but, there is a huge demand for window cleaning in the mid-rise market! and, you can price manlift jobs for absolute top dollar!


it's all about 'supply and demand'!

supply and demand is a very important concept to understand, so let me explain how it applies to window cleaning.

for example: a market, such as 'store-front window cleaning', has a 'large supply' of window cleaners with a 'moderate demand' of store owners and property managers willing to pay for window cleaning services. this ultimately forces window cleaners to price these jobs very low.

on the other hand...

the 'midrise manlift market' has a 'almost nonexistent supply' of window cleaners who can perform this work, with a 'large demand' of manlift appropriate jobs with property managers and building owners willing to purchase window cleaning services.

this is why it is easy to charge at least $100+ per hour cleaning windows using a manlift! simply put, the supply is low and the demand is high so, the price for services dramatically increases.

ask yourself this:

how many times have you seen a local window cleaner operating a manlift?

probably never.

here's the simple truth...

over 99% of the window cleaning professionals around the globe do not know how to operate manlifts. this is what creates the demand and the ability to price your manlift work better than any other market out there... it's what i like to refer to as "the last great frontier" in the window cleaning industry, the last - best market to get top dollar for your services.

there are several buildings, (in your community), that are can only be accessed using a manlift. the building's architectural and landscaping features of these buildings make it impossible to safely use ladders, poles and rope descent systems.

these unique buildings are your new market...

how would you like to dominate the mid-rise window cleaning market in your community?

if you know how to clean windows, and you know how to drive a car ... can learn how to operate a manlift!

and, you can grab up all of those window cleaning accounts no one else dares to claim!

i've created my "insider's guide to window cleaning with manlifts" ebook / video system to help you dominate your midrise market.

window cleaning with manlifts ebook

"window cleaning with manlifts" is a downloadable system that contains everything you need to start earning serious income cleaning windows with manlifts. in this ebook / video system...

you'll discover:

how to price manlift work to earn at least $100 per hour

i'm going to take you to 5 different window cleaning manlift accounts my business performs and show you exactly what these buildings look like, and how much i'm pricing the windows. this knowledge will allow you to quickly bid similar buildings in your area at optimal prices.

how to operate manlifts

you'll learn manlift operator safe practices. i'll cover every component of the manlift. you'll learn what each component does through examples in text, pictures and in video, at real jobsite's.

 where to rent, what kind of lift to rent, and how to rent it for the best price

using the right lift for the job is critical! not to mention, you need to know how to get the best price for your rental in order to deliver the lowest rental price to your customers. i reveal these secrets and more in your manlift ebook.

how to create 'block discounts' and 'multi-user discounts'

there's a trick to learning how to combine multiple buyers together using the same manlift rental. this technique will maximize your company profits by optimizing your company time on the lift.

how to add value by adding additional services

who says you have to just clean windows? your new manlift access window cleaning accounts can open you up to a large array of "add-on services" while you are accessing 'difficult to reach' places... and that means greater yearly profit potential for your business!

access to additional resources

i've added a select group of web resources to this system. available resources include manlift rental and sales sites, osha, ansi, iwca, and the aem. these additional resources will point you in the right direction when researching the legal and safe operations of manlifts.

why trust me?

i've logged hundreds of hours operating 32' to 80' manlifts in my window cleaning business since 1999.

i'm certified in window cleaning from commercial ground operations, manlifts and rds rope descent systems.

i've helped hundreds of professional window cleaners learn how to use manlifts in their businesses around the world.

here's what some of my customers have to say about "an insider's guide to window cleaning w/ manlifts"...



i want to thank you for the information contained in your man lift e-book. i am a believer in a concept called modeling. and that is, find someone who is getting the results you want and do what they are doing to get similar results. that is exactly what your e-books do for me. you have the years of experience that i do not yet have that i can draw on.

instead of going through all the learning experiences myself, i can take your e-books and learn what to do and what not to do. i truly believe i am years ahead of where i would be if i was doing this all from scratch with out your e-books.

your man lift e-book gave me the answers to the questions i had, along with things i did not even think about. is was easy to read, direct and to the point. it has allowed me to enter a niche market where i can increase my income.

i highly recommend this and all your e-books to all who wants to get to their goals in less time.

thanks andy,

roger barnhart
central texas window cleaning llc
austin, texas



i wanted to thank you for your help recently on that difficult man-lift job. i really appreciate the call, the feedback and expert advice. you’ve not only got some great products, but unmatched service and follow up. the best i’ve ever seen.

thanks again!

brent fraizer
kansas city, missouri

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- andy engstrom | owner




































































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