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does your new window cleaning business need customers?

discover... how to attract high paying customers now by taking an 'active' rather than 'passive' sales approach

if you are having a difficult time attracting customers to your window cleaning business, the problem may be easier to fix than you think.

the future of your new window cleaning business greatly depends on your ability to turn a 'potential customer' into a 'paying customer'.

but what do you do when no one is calling?...

...take an active role instead of a passive role when approaching potential customers.

i recently received the following question from a person having problems creating sales. in my reply, i give specific details on correcting his passive sales approach and turning
it into an active - winning - sales approach.

i am having a very difficult time getting customers for my window cleaning business. i have been passing out business cards everywhere and also have placed a sign on the back window of my truck without any phone calls from anyone. any suggestions?

a: i'd suggest going directly to the accounts you want and speaking directly to the property owner. don't chance your future on the hope folks will call the number on your
truck or business card.

business cards and magnetic signs are great "secondary marketing tools" that can aid in creating sales but, they are also fall on the expense side of you business 'profit and loss' statement.

what you need to do is focus on actions that create income...

...not expenses!

you need to focus on creating sales one-on-one...

go straight to that residential area or business complex and talk to the person that makes decisions about maintenance and book window cleaning now! the person you need to talk to is the home owner, property owner, property manager, or business owner. don't just hand them a card and hope they'll call you, you need to...

create a sense of urgency!

after you've used the "ultimate sales pitch" and presented the building owner a free estimate of the window cleaning costs, you've have to do 1 of the following 2 options:

option #1 - if the window cleaning project can be performed and finished within the remainder of the day, let the owner know you can get started immediately! don't wait, start working.

you are a very busy business person and you need to let the customer know that if it's not convenient for you to clean the windows now...'ll schedule their window cleaning for 3 or 4 weeks from now! because you are extremely busy, ayou can assure them that you'll do your best to find an opening in your calendar and get them in earlier, but that their - best option - is to get their windows cleaned now!

or, you can use...

option #2 - if the window cleaning project can't be performed
and finished within the remainder of the day, let the owner know
you'll be working in the neighborhood for the next few days and
can clean their windows tomorrow morning!

if you haven't read "the ultimate sales pitch"... and, watched the ultimate sales pitch 'reality tv style' video lesson go to the following web page so you can start creating sales withing 1 hour! --- the ultimate sales pitch

95% of all new businesses fail within the first year!

why?... here's a typical scenario:

joe, the new business owner, rents office space, orders merchandise to fill it, hires employees, purchases liability insurance - workers comp. – etc..., hires an advertisement agency to build an ad campaign, a graphic designer to create a business logo, buys ad space in his local newspaper – journals – magazines – telephone book etc., gets business cards printed...

what's wrong with this picture?

joe has done absolutely nothing to guarantee himself an "income"! he and his employees are waiting hopefully for someone to read their ad, get in their car, come to their business and make enough purchases to pay for the expenditures – business expenses.

good luck joe! you'll need it!

final thoughts:

don't let fate decide your financial future!

if you want to become successful in any business, you must go after your customers personally. do not wait for your phone to ring. go directly to the customers you want and talk to them.

create a sense of urgency, perform the work and get paid immediately.

take it upon yourself to decide the outcome of your future. i know you don't want to become part of the 95% "losing" statistic so...

  1. rehearse the ultimate sales pitch
  2. practice your window cleaning technique and
  3. get out there and make your dreams happen!
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