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7 tasks that will help you increase your window cleaning profits and gain greater marketing exposure

ready... set... spring window cleaning!

the spring cleaning rush is here again! and that means you've probably got very little time to research window cleaning tips because you're getting busy.

so, i'm not going to waste your time with long-winded thoughts on the origin of the window cleaning universe, i'm going to give you...

... 7 tasks you should do asap.

each task is designed to help you increase business profits, gain greater marketing exposure, and help you stay better informed with the latest window cleaning news.

let's get started...


task #1: now is the time to get free advertising in your local newspaper

spring is here, and newspapers all around the world love to do articles on "spring cleaning". now is the time to give your newspaper a call and ask them if they'd like to feature your business in a spring cleaning article. if you'd like to learn more about getting free newspaper advertising, click here.

get double exposure!

i'm going to sweeten the deal... if you complete this task successfully, i'll give you double exposure by listing your business and a link to the newspaper article in next months newsletter. all you need to do is email me, no later than april 30th, the location of your spring cleaning article online.


task #2: take the $10,000 challenge

i challenge you to earn at least $10,000 window cleaning during the month of april! this is a great goal to set to kick off the spring cleaning season. i'm going to take this challenge myself and i hope you'll join me.

if your calendar is already packed for april, this task should be fairly easy... all you have to do is hope the weather cooperates and perform the work. but, if you've only been in business a short while...

... what i want you to do is:

  1. look back into your window cleaning scheduler from last year.
  2. take every single customer you cleaned windows for, from march 21st to november 31 of 2008.
  3. give each customer a call to schedule them for spring window cleaning.
  4. start packing these customers into your calendar / scheduler with as many $500+ days as you can until you've run out of customers.

once, you've accomplished this you should have a solid $10,000+ earnings month in april... even if you've only cleaned windows for 1 year. all you need is 20, $500 days to accomplish this task.

you can do it!

warning: i want you to have a safe and profitable season this year so, never replace safe window cleaning practices with unsafe short-cuts.


task #3: join me at twitter!

log on to and you can track my daily results on the $10,000 challenge.

you'll also get regular updates on what's going on in my window cleaning business this year, quick window cleaning tips you can use to improve your business, and i'll also be sharing a little about my personal life with you.

again, for the month of april, i'll be challenging myself to earn at least $10k. i'll also be uploading window cleaning pictures as they happen. get a twitter account and take the challenge with me.


task #4: earn more per hour by prioritizing the windows you clean

not every window is created equal!

you can reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning windows at a jobsite and earn more money per hour by assigning 'high' and 'low' priority to the buildings windows.

here's what i mean...

high priority windows are:

  1. living room windows
  2. kitchen windows
  3. master bedroom windows
  4. master bathroom windows
  5. den windows

basically high priority windows are the windows that the customer really cares about. and you should give this glass the special attention they deserve, like micro-fiber towel drying around window edges.

low priority windows are:

  1. kids bedroom windows
  2. garage windows
  3. bathroom windows
  4. storage room windows

there is no absolute rule to prioritizing windows, prioritize as you see fit for your business. one thing is for sure... there is no reason you should waste your valuable time and reduce your hourly rate by polishing low priority windows to perfection.

it's all about knowing what your customers really want and what they could care less about. that's for you to decide. you can seriously increase your hourly rate using this technique so, don't take this task lightly.

to learn more about how to price window cleaning jobs and earn at least $70 per hour, see my window cleaning pricing ebook.


task #5 start using a system that gets your customers to build your business for you!

too many window cleaners focus their marketing dollars on aquireing new customers instead of letting their current customers build their business for them.

you can dramatically reduce your advertising budget by using a system that many of the top 1% most successful business professionals are using. this system is designed to help you improve your relationship with your customers and get them to refer your business to their family, friends and business associates.

if you'd like to learn more about this remarkable system, log-on and watch a short 10 minute movie on how to get all the referrals you can handle! click here.


task #6 now is the time to start a window cleaning business

if you have been considering starting your own window cleaning business and takingcontrol of your own destiny, now is the best time to start a window cleaning business.

spring is the most active time of the year for window cleaners and the time when customers have cleaning on their minds. take advantage of this time of year to start your own window washing business. you can learn all of my hottest quick start tips by logging on to this special web page.. click here to get started!


task #7 sign up for my newsletter (below)!

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