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free ebook - "30 day dazzle" referral system for window cleaners!

30 day dazzle referral marketing system for window cleaners!

the 30 day dazzle is a referral marketing system that is designed to literally blow away your new customers and compel them to pick up the phone and begin referring your window cleaning services to everyone they know! 

here's what you'll learn about:

  1. how to generate customer referrals in "3 easy steps"
  2. how to turn your business into a 100% by-referral-only business
  3. how to guarantee yourself more repeat business
  4. how to turn your window cleaning business into a "member's only" club
  5. how to automate your referral system with "1 touch of a button"

take a moment to download and read this very important special report. and if you implement the 30 day dazzle into your marketing plan, i can about 100% guarantee you that you'll see business growth that will far exceed any marketing tools you are currently using today.

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free ebook - "top 10 tips of 2008"

top 10 window cleaning tips of 2008! ebook for immediate free download.

here's what you'll learn about:

  1. window cleaning marketing tools
  2. how to eliminate business downtime during foul weather conditions
  3. squeegee rubber maintenance tips
  4. how to clean windows in the direct sunlight
  5. 8 ways to improve your window cleaning website
  6. how to diversify your window cleaning markets
  7. free window cleaning business forms and templates
  8. how to become a certified window cleaner
  9. creating safer job sites with the use of barricades
  10. how to get post construction window cleaning work


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free ebook - "12 common window cleaning business mistakes and how to overcome them"

12 common window cleaning mistakes free ebookproblems solved in ebook:

  1. lack of motivation
  2. lack of confidence
  3. rejected sales attempts
  4. time wasted on non-income producing activities
  5. target market too small
  6. sales expectations too high
  7. over glorifying your business
  8. relying on passive marketing tools
  9. rejecting customer requests
  10. inaccurate bid prices
  11. mis-understanding the business
  12. modeling unqualified persons


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free ebook - "2009 window cleaning resources"


2009 iwca window cleaning convention trade show exhibitors listing - middle image courtesy this ebook, you'll have direct access to:

  1. window cleaning supply companies
  2. high rise and rope descent scaffolding manufacturers
  3. window cleaning business management software companies
  4. fall protection equipment manufacturers
  5. squeegee, strip washers and tool companies
  6. window cleaning chemical manufacturers
  7. gutter cleaning systems companies
  8. water fed pole systems

there's a total of 34 window cleaning related web sites for you to explore.

to download my "2009 iwca window cleaning trade show" exhibitors listing click on one of the following links.


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free ebook - "top 9 tips of 2009"

top 9 window cleaning tips of 2009 ebookhere's what you'll learn about:

  1. window cleaning images slide show
  2. guide to window cleaning resources on the internet
  3. 7 tasks that will help you increase your window cleaning profits and gain greater marketing exposure
  4. how to use customer referrals to build your window cleaning business
  5. discover how to charge your window cleaning customers by the hour rather than using a price per pane bidding method
  6. how to use friendly reminders to schedule repeat window cleaning business
  7. free window cleaning video
  8. how to send a free christmas card to your window cleaning customers
  9. 12 common window cleaning business mistakes and how to overcome them

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karl robinsonkarl robinson of robinson solutions has been dishing out, (what i consider to be), the best window cleaning news blog on the internet. karl has always been extremely quick to repost curent window cleaning related news gathered from media sources from around the world.

if you haven't checked out karl's blog... why not now?

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window cleaning business kit25 window cleaning video lessons, 1 business card, 1 electronic promotional sales tool, 1 window cleaning web site, 3 commercial flyers, 1 bulletin board flyer, 2 door hangers, 5 chapter ebook on window cleaning pricing, 8 chapter ebook on profitable "add-on" services, free window cleaning tips newsletter subscription, 6 months of business mentoring, 3 weekly "action plan" lessons, license to use my "got dirty windows?" trademark, sales scripts.

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learn high rise window cleaning

learn high rise window cleaning!extreme window cleaning is the world's first and only high rise window cleaning (video) instructional system!

this 8 video chapter training system with step by step instruction, will provide you all of the valuable insights you'll need to know to get started in your own high rise window cleaning business.

everything from the equipment you'll need and how to use them, osha regulations and ansi standards, safe rigging practices, how to rappel, understanding fall arrest systems, tool bungee's, rope protectors, the 4:1 counter-weight formula and much more!

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